Mitigating Moving Day Drama & Disasters

Moved_in_boxesRelocation is stressful and moving is daunting — so bring on the headaches. Simple moving tips and resources can replace all that aspirin and cure the frustration. Technology is a beautiful resource and can help you simplify your move. You can find a home on ForRent and use Angie’s List to find reliable home repair and cleaning services. Utilizing these online tools and following moving pointers will minimize the stress while you focus on the excitement of a new home. To prep for your move, use the following as a drama and disaster-free guide:

Plan for a Professional Move

A cheap move and relocation is tempting. Cutting corners to save a little creates more physical labor for you, potential for damaged possessions, and a stressful moving day. A smooth move involves the pros. Go to a shipping provider and enter your moving information — you’ll get bids from a number of qualified movers. Research a few moving professionals, and choose the one who meets your needs. On moving day, you’ll feel relieved you spent the time to look for professional movers.

Limit the Crowd

Find sitters for your children and pets on moving day. You’ll want to focus on helping the movers free of distractions. Unsupervised younger children can be a safety hazard, and they’ll find it confusing to watch the movers take all the household belongings to the truck. Older children can see the moving process as a form of closure. Give them the choice to stay, and if they do, create tasks they are responsible for. They’ll stay occupied and won’t become a burden.

Team Up With the Movers

Professional movers are qualified to load their trucks efficiently. Request a mover to visit the house a day or two before the move to get an idea of how much needs to be loaded into the truck. Movers may also do a quick walk-through upon moving day. Show where you’ve marked boxes and your log of what’s in them. Using your information, your moving team will develop the best plan for the day.

Double- and Triple-Check

Inspect your house several times, and ensure that everything is safely packed. Check that boxes are labeled and noted in your moving log. As you walk through the house, don’t forget to look up, around, behind, and under things. Your daughter’s first grade art project slid behind the refrigerator. A few utensils are hidden in the back of a kitchen drawer. Don’t let anything get left behind.

Plan Ahead

Have a floor plan of the new home to show the movers, so they’ll know where everything goes when they get there, which is convenient for unpacking. Visit or to do this easily. This will make the move in as efficient as the move out.

Be Ready for the Arrival

Determine where the moving truck will park when it arrives at the new house or apartment. Check ahead time for regulations about where the movers can park and the route they can take to haul in your belongings.

Have Another Great Day

With an optimistic mindset and proper preparation, moving day can become a fond milestone memory. Things will go smoothly, the professional movers will be in and out in no time, and you’ll have plenty of time to address those last-minute details.

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