Maximizing Your Storage Space: Five Simple Organization Tips

There are interesting ways to create storage in a small house or apartment. You must be willing to spend time organizing possessions before storing them. With proper knowledge and equipment, you will find unique ways to create storage space. Here are five tips for making your storage space attractive, decorative and functional.


Store Items Near Area of Use

Your possessions should be placed near the locations where they will be used. This makes locating your items easier. Bedrooms in small spaces are often totally cluttered due to lack of storage space. Purchase a bed with pull out storage drawers underneath the mattress and box springs. This type of storage is great for extra bedding, out of season clothing and other items. If you already have a bed, then find clear plastic boxes to use for under-bed storage.


Build or Buy Functional Storing Closets

Lack of closet space is frequently an issue for smaller homes. You may need to add clothing storage space with portable closets on wheels. Clothing storage devices are available in various sizes and price ranges. You can buy simple metal racks to place in a corner of a bedroom. Alternatively, there are beautiful but functional designs made from wood or metal with doors to hide clothing from view.


Use Furniture as Storage Space

In your living room, reduce clutter by having furniture that doubles as storage. Find end and coffee tables with doors that open to place items such as games, electronic equipment or seasonal decor. Build custom sized shelving units for a home office that reach to the ceiling to create storage areas. While this will make the office space smaller, your home will appear larger because it has less clutter.


Decorate with Storage

Kids’ rooms often become stuffed with toys, clothing, books and other items. Find a decorative theme your child enjoys to create storage shelving for their items. Make it easier for them to clean clutter with colorful baskets labeled for various items. If your home is still cluttered, then rent a storage unit, like Mesa AZ self storage, for excess items.


Build or Create Extra Space

Kitchens often lack counter top and storage space. Consider installing additional cabinets or adding shelving above the existing ones. Purchase a kitchen island to place in a corner or middle of the room. They are available in great designs and various sizes. Kitchen islands have doors with hidden storage space. Many have folding tops that become larger for additional counter top or seating space. They are a fantastic place to set a microwave oven or other small appliances.


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