Making the ‘Green’ Move: Understanding how Relocation has become a Sustainable Art

As a society, we are increasingly aware of the environment around us and how to protect it. The drive to create a more sustainable lifestyle is something that has impacted on households nationwide during the last decade, as the consequences of a damaged eco-system continue to become more apparent.

As a home-owner, there are numerous ways to embrace the concept of sustainable living and make a positive contribution towards environmental growth. This is particularly true for individuals who are in the process of relocation, as the way in which they ship their material possessions and discard their unwanted goods has a direct impact on the environment.

How to Execute a Green Move: 3 Sustainable Tips for Relocation in 2013

With this in mind, what practical steps can you take as a home-owner to execute an environmentally friendly relocation in 2013? Consider the following:

  • Invest in High Quality Tools and Materials: As a starting point, you should give careful consideration to the materials that you use to facilitate your relocation. It is important to showcase attention to detail during this process, especially when selecting packaging and moving boxes to transport your goods from an existing location. By investing in robust and high quality moving boxes, for example, it is possible to access a reusable product that offers value for money while also helping to protect the environment. These boxes will also ensure that your goods are transported safely and in good order.
  • Partner with an Environmentally Aware Moving Service: The typical consumer’s desire to drive environmental change has impacted heavily on service providers, who have been forced to adopt similar values in order to remain competitive. This means that it is far easier to appraise the philosophy and ethos of a moving firm prior to employing their services, which means that you can select a company that shares a similar approach to sustainable living. By partnering with an environmentally aware firm that operates a green fleet of vehicles or employs sustainable waste management solutions, for example, you can achieve your own personal goals without compromising the efficiency of your move.
  • Embrace Recycling and the Responsible Disposal of Waste: The idea of employing environmentally aware service providers stretches far beyond moving firms, as there is also a need to consider the disposal of waste and unwanted household clutter. Moving home provides the ideal opportunity to clear the decks, with unwanted documents, discarded paper and old magazines all obvious targets for removal. Rather than simply dumping these items, however, you should consider having them collected and shredded by a reputable firm that recycles the material for future use. This is a breathtakingly simple method of contributing towards a more sustainable environment, while it also provides a secure disposal for sensitive documents.

The Last Word

Sustainable living is now a mainstream concept, and something that individuals can access without spending outside of their means. For environmentally aware home-owners who are looking to relocate, the physical process of moving provides them with an ideal opportunity to play their own individual role in effecting significant social change.

About the Author: This post was written by Laura on behalf of Lombard Recycling. To find out more about the secure disposal and recycling of your documents, visit the firm’s website today.

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