Making Space for Your Man Cave

Man Cave

Building a place that’s safe for you to go and be a guy can be really fun if you do it right. If you don’t have a spare bedroom or den, you can set up your man cave in the garage. It might take some renovating or some rearranging–especially if you’re currently using the garage for storage–but it can be done in five easy steps.


1. Set the rules

Is the Man Cave just for you and your buddies, or just for you? Are the kids allowed in the Cave, or are they allowed only during certain times? Are there special co-ed occasions like the Super Bowl that you will allow the ladies to join in? Sharing the Man Cave can be really inclusive and sometimes even fun, but you need to set some ground rules so you don’t run into inconsistencies.

2. Create a purpose

If you’re using your garage for watching sports, you’re obviously going to need to make a few changes. You’ll need to move the cars and other stuff being stored in there, move in a couch, a TV, and maybe a mini-fridge. If you’re using it to work on cars, woodworking, or some other cool hobby, you’ll need some storage and shelving to keep your tools where you can find them.

3. Keep it clean

If you’re using the Man Cave for entertainment, make sure you clean it periodically. Especially make sure you clean up any snacks you take in there so you don’t get pests. If you’re using it for hobbies, make sure your supplies are well organized and neatly arranged. This will eliminate searching for your supplies.

4. Make sure there’s a Woman Cave, too

If you get a man cave, it’s only fair that she gets her own space to do what she wants. Not only is it fair, but it’s also much more likely to get her to agree to turning your garage into a Man Cave without any resistance.

5. Decorate it

You don’t have to be a design pro, but you should fill your Man Cave with things you’ll like. If you’re into sports, team memorabilia is perfect to hang on the walls. You can do the same with cool photos of cars, planes, military paraphernalia, or anything else that goes with the theme. This will help define the space as yours and make it more fun to hang out in.

Your Man Cave is the place for you to go be alone or with your buddies. It’s important for people to have a retreat that’s just for them to relax, hang out, and have everything look the way you want it. If the garage is “your” space, these are ways to make it the best Man Cave possible.

Information credit to The Garage Door Company, specializing in garage door opener repair in Calgary, Alberta

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