Looking To Move? How To Get Yourself Ready For The Big Day

5 Important Things You Need to Consider Before Moving to a New TownMoving is exhausting, stress filled and generally dreaded. Can this be helped? We think so! The moving process may never be classified as fun, but it can be less stressful by implementing a few strategies to lessen the stress of the ordeal.

Purge Early, Purge Often
Moving is a great time to deep clean your house and remove any unwanted stuff you have collected over the years, as long as you do this well in advance of the move date. When looking to move, start purging 4-5 months in advance. A whole bunch of cleaning companies, like this cleaning company, offer great services to help you to really deep-clean your house.  You can learn more about cleaning services over at this website.

Now, you should also plan to have yard sales to earn a little cash from you unwanted goods, the hope for some money will even encourage your kids to get involved, too! A couple of times every week, go through the house getting rid of 10-15 things you know you will not need. Add more days as the move gets closer to continue ridding yourself of clutter. When you start struggling to find your 10-15 things daily, stop. There’s no need to stress about it.

Mark the Items you are Certain About Taking
Just as it is easy to identify some things that you definitely don’t want to take to the new place, it is just as easy to identify the items you for sure will need. You can either keep an inventory list of what and where they are, or simply mark them with a dot sticker found at the dollar store. With this method, if others are helping you pack they won’t need to repeatedly ask if you want this or that packed, too. If you do not foresee using an item that you want to move, go ahead and pack it. Planning this early will make you less vulnerable to last minute, high stress decisions.

Make Plans to Make Moving Day Fun
The stress of moving day can be paralyzing. Plan to combat this before it starts by incorporating some fun into the day. Ask a friend to pick up doughnuts or a special treat and bring them by early in the morning. Ask another friend to pick up coffee or some treat that the adults will enjoy, too. Make a special moving playlist and start it early. Make plans for lunch, either take the family out or ask a friend to bring take-out. Covering these little details before the big event will mean much less stress for you and the entire family on moving day.

Moving is stressful, but incorporating these strategies will help your moving day go as smoothly as possible.

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