Innovative Uses of Personal Storage Services

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Personal storage services are more popular than ever – and for a good reason. With more people making use of these services, it’s become clear that there’s far more that can be done with personal storage than simply keeping heirlooms or old furniture safe. So if you’re planning on investing in great personal storage, how can you make the most out of that extra space? Here are just a few innovative options to get you started:

Getting into KonMari

The idea of your belongings ‘sparking joy’ has been around for several years, but while many of us have KonMari-ed our way around our homes, we might not be as effective as we like to think. In fact, according to the queen of decluttering herself, it’s important to focus on categories over rooms, which can be challenging if you’re short on space. In this case, that’s exactly what personal storage is – extra space to breathe while you sort through, for example, your collection of books or your hundreds of DVDs. By adding that degree of separation, it’s much easier to see what you want to keep and what can be decluttered.

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Not to mention, once all is said and done, your personal storage unit is the ideal place to store what doesn’t spark joy until you can recycle it or get rid responsibly. Multi-purpose spaces are more important than ever, and personal storage options are widely available to help you out. If you’re planning on reducing clutter and looking at the bigger picture of your possessions, then that extra space is even more valuable than you might think.

Storing seasonal items

While we often think of storage units as the place to keep long-term items – furniture you can’t part with or belongings that don’t fit your current décor, for example – they’re also ideal for seasonal swaps too. It’s likely you apply this innovative approach to your summer-winter wardrobe, so why not extend that to your beautiful patio furniture or those cozy blankets you’ll have no use for in the warmer months? Using your storage as a rotating seasonal space is a great way to get constant use out of the space, and keep your home seasonally-appropriate year-round.

While leaving furniture outside is certainly feasible, a strong gust of wind or a seriously cold snap can quickly lead to you needing to re-invest in your favourite pieces. Similarly, you don’t want to be repurchasing cozy winter homeware because you simply can’t find where you put away the first lot. With a storage unit keeping your belongings perfect for the proper weather is more accessible – and there’s nothing better than re-discovering last season’s purchases to freshen up your space for free.

Extending your art endeavours

If you’ve got a creative streak, then you likely know space can be an issue to keep every ceramic, painting or sculpture in perfect condition. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a prospective art seller, not everyone has access to an airy, temperature-controlled studio to keep those all-important pieces on-point. That’s where personal storage comes in. With facilities that are temperature and even air controlled, your emotionally valuable artwork can be safe and sound.

The great thing about a separate storage unit is that it’s a dedicated space. Even if you don’t have a studio, investing in appropriate storage can mean you can keep on creating on your schedule, with no worries about running out of room in your own home. Not to mention, you’ll be able to keep sensitive or fragile items safely and securely – no risk of a stray elbow or accidental touch ruining something you’ve been working on for weeks. If you’re looking for an innovative use for personal storage, getting creative should be top of your list.

There’s no one way to use personal storage services – provided you’re following the rules defined by the business; there’s plenty you can do beyond the basics. Whether seasonal rotation sounds appealing, or a dedicated decluttering space is exactly what you’re looking for, thinking outside the box is the key to making the most of what you can get. From artwork to antiques, clothing to general clutter – nothing’s off-limits with the right storage solution.

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