What Is Included in a Pods Moving Rate?

Sometimes a Pods moving rate includes more than just transportation of the unit from one place to another. Some companies offer benefits and advantages to choosing their services such as added insurance or a money-back guarantee on the safety of your goods.

While Pods certainly are convenient they can be costly if you need to store more than the total furnishings of a one bedroom apartment; if this is the case for you, you might need multiple units, and that’s where costs begin to add up.

Because there are a lot of portable storage and transportation companies out there it is a good idea to shop around a little bit before settling on a particular company.
When you’re making your decision, consider the following qualities of each business:

•    Discounts – From promotional incentives for first-time customers to discounts based on the day of the week you need your unit delivered, Pods offer discounts frequently. Don’t let this be the most important factor in your decision, but don’t neglect to research this little gem either.
•    Size – How large is the pod you’re considering renting? How much do you need to store? If you need to rent multiple units you’ll need to factor this additional cost into your decision.
•    Insurance – Is Insurance included in the cost of the unit rental, or will you be required to purchase additional insurance as a separate package? Costs for insurance can really add up, but because it is important to protect your belongings you shouldn’t avoid it entirely.
•    Fuel – Is the cost of fuel to transport the unit included in the rental and transportation fees? If not things can get expensive fast with changing fuel costs that seem to be going up more than they are going down.

Pods, Pack-Rat,  U-Haul, and U-Pack are all companies that offer portable on demand units and are also willing to help move and transport them for an additional fee.

For example, the U-Box (U-Haul’s pod option) can hold up to two thousand pounds of your goods and can be transported from the East Coast to the West Coast for about seventeen-hundred dollars. This includes the cost of 10 days of rental, insurance, and fuel for around 3,200 miles of transportation.

The Relo-Cube from U-Pack can store the goods from approximately two rooms in a typical house or apartment and for the same East to West Coast trip as the U-Haul unit will cost about nineteen-hundred dollars. There are a few promotional discounts available from time to time that could decrease this figure, and insurance coverage is included.

A unit from Pack-Rat should be able to hold the goods from a typical four bedroom house or apartment and the same trip as the previous two units will cost about nineteen-hundred dollars. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee and the services of a moving coordinator included in this price as well.

When choosing a company to work with, make sure that any contract between you is signed. This should include any estimates you have been given as well as any discounts or promotions that are being applied to your total bill. Also make sure to confirm how many pods you are renting and transporting. This will help you avoid being slapped with a much larger bill than you had anticipated. Do not be afraid to ask questions and be very specific in the answers you require. When it comes to moving, you need to be in control and know that your goods are safe and secure. Don’t be afraid to assert yourself!

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