Most of you have experienced (probably more than once) both the stress and excitement of moving. And for many that are moving, especially across county, the issue of space storage is cause for indecision and uncertainty, which can lead to the aforementioned stress. So, having a handle on the ins and outs of space storage before you make the move will allow you to focus more on the excitement of the process.

Depending on the nature of your move, there a surprisingly large amount of storage solutions from which you can choose. If your move is a local one and your storage needs will be temporary, one option would be to rent space in a nearby storage facility. Given the fact that there is stiff competition among the many public storage facilities as like public storage St. Louis, you can often find accessibly priced space for all of your household items.

Hauling your items to a local facility requires some work on your part, but there are plenty of other convenient space storage solutions in lieu of you doing the work. One option is to simply hire some local movers to do all the hauling. However, another possibility, and one that has become increasingly popular of late, involves the use of storage containers. These storage container businesses, such as Door to Door Storage and PODS, drop off large portable containers right to your home. Once you have finished placing all of your belongings inside the container, your simple call the contracted company and have them haul the container away for storage. When you no longer need the storage space, you have the container delivered to the desired location.

One of the advantages to this kind of space storage solution, is the availability of containers in just about any major city. Simply call and reserve a container to be delivered at a specific location and have them haul it away and store it away until you need it. However, for local moves, some people want to be able to access a storage unit with some regularity. In this case, spaces storage in the form of containers is not the ideal option.

What your specific needs are will go a long way toward determining what kind of space storage method you choose. The local move with an attached indefinite timeline calls out for a local storage unit. The easier the access, the better. Take out a piece or two as your needs grow. Sell off what you don’t need, but at fair market value as opposed to desperation garage-sale prices. If you are making a long-distance move, but you haven’t picked out a place to live as yet, you can choose space storage in your newly adopted city or the one you left behind, depending on family ties or connections that you still have there. Finally, if you are certain that when you do have a need for your stowed-away items it will be for all of them, the storage container space option may just be for you.

So, decide on which option best suits your moving profile then decide accordingly. Don’t let the space storage conundrum cause you any undue stress — solve it before it becomes an issue.