How to Tell People You are Moving

Moving is already difficult enough with all of the logistics you have to handle, but don’t forget to deal more emotional aspects too. Taking the time to tell friends and/or family that you plan on moving to a different area is a vital part to actually making a successful move. Long before you have everything packed and planned, you better get ready to explain your transition to those you care about. Also, it will give you a chance to experience closure with people you care about, and perhaps that will make moving to a place where you have no connections just a tad bit easier. Here are some tips that will guide you through telling people you are moving.

1. Decide who you are going to tell.

Telling your close friends and family obviously is going to be a top priority on the list, but is there anyone else you should be telling too? Acquaintances, doctors, neighbors, fitness instructors, and co-workers may need to be on the list of people you should let know. Letting casual acquaintances know that you are moving ensure they don’t hear it from someone else, or think that you just disappeared off the face of the Earth.

2. How are you going to tell each person?

Sending out an email or Facebook message alerting everyone about your move isn’t going to cut it for a lot of people. You should plan to have a couple different face to face meetings with families and friends to announce the news. If you know someone is going to be especially emotional, perhaps consider announcing it somewhere a little more private to avoid creating a scene.  Be prepared for a wide range of emotional reaction, but understand these strong reactions are only present due to the fact people really care about you.

Some friends may be more emotional than others…

3. What are you going to tell people?

The best way to approach telling someone you are moving is telling them exactly why you are making the move. You don’t have to divulge every single tiny detail, but most people will want to know why you would want to move away from people that care about you. Also, be prepared to tell them about your plans for the new area, so that you know you’ve really thought the move all the way through.

4. Make sure to ask for discretion if need be. 

If you are worried about a boss, angry mother-in-law or landlord learning about your move before you are ready to tell them, make sure to ask friends and family for discretion. News really travels fast between people, so you don’t want the wrong people find out at the wrong time.

5. Have a going away party! 

Throwing a going away party is  a great way to have one last big hurrah with friends, families, acquaintances, etc. Why not make your last memory with everyone one of celebration? It also gives you a chance to feel a little bit of emotional closure about the move. This blog isn’t just about making friends and family feel better about the move, but also allowing yourself the time and space to get out all the strong emotions out about the move you may be experiencing.

Throw a going away party at your home or a restaurant!

6. Tell people to visit!

Make sure that you let people know that they are welcome to visit you. Perhaps even tell them about all the cool things  to do in your new location. Most people will not feel welcome unless you invite them, so it is important to express you would love to see them again. It really can be a supportive feeling to have visitors when you are trying to find your way in a new location.

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