How to Store Antiques in Self Storage

There can hardly be a person who’s never had a problem with storage. Most of us try to put everything at home – in cabinets, guest rooms, basements, storage rooms, garages, etc. The problem is that a house is not the best place to store some items. The temperature, the dust and the moisture can easily damage the more vulnerable items that you own without you even realizing it at first. Without a good storage and packaging, the damage is inevitable.

Some of the most delicate items to store are antiques. Due to their age, price and sentimental value, they require special treating and extra care, ideally inside a storage unit where they will be completely safe. The perfect place to store antiques and other pieces of art is in a self-storage unit with cameras and guards. These storage facilities are safe, climate-controlled and extremely convenient. The secure environment will guarantee that your antiques remain in their original condition. It’s important to pack them properly before you store them. Here are some useful tips to get you started.

•    The golden rule of packing antiques is to make sure you are only using chemical free products. You might be surprised to find out that there are tissue papers which actually contain acid that can damage a precious oil or acrylic painting. If you are not entirely sure what packing material to use, talk to the storage agent and ask for advice.
•    When storing antique furniture, ensure that it’s all wrapped in a protective layer of bubble wrap or clean cloth. Store furniture on its own and don’t put other items on top of it.
•    Prior to packing and storing your antiques, make sure you’ve treated them properly. Polish the wooden furniture with wood conditioner, clean the leather and polish pots and pans. Dust each item and wrap the most fragile ones separately in bubble wrap. Use straps or packing tape to secure doors and lids.
•    Disassemble heavy antiques and pack each part and piece separately. Don’t forget to label them.
•    If you have many fragile antiques it’s better to use hard plastic boxes to store them. Cardboard boxes can easily tear or get crushed during the transportation.
•    Store textiles and quilts flat to prevent wear and tear by folding. Use tissue paper between the folds of clothes.
•    Use glassine paper to wrap fine art and paintings. On top, use a cling-wrap plastic for more safety. Don’t place paintings directly on the ground.
•    Store antique silverware in boxes and separate compartments. Wrap each piece in paper or bubble wrap to prevent scratching.
•    Use dehumidifier in the storage unit, especially if you live in an area with high humidity levels.

Choose the self-storage provider carefully and make sure you check for their testimonials from previous clients.

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