How to Properly Pack and Wrap Furniture for Moving

When you’re getting ready to move, you’ve really got a lot on your plate. It takes a lot of work for you to find yourself a new place, and once you’ve finally landed on a home that you really love, buying it can actually be even more of a hassle. There are just a ton of moving parts that go into switching yourself to a new location, and taking care of everything can definitely start to feel a little overwhelming. By the time you’ve gotten everything sorted out as far as your real estate is concerned, you’re ready to start dealing with the actual logistics of the move itself. You’re almost there, but some of the most complicated work is still ahead of you. Especially if you’re dealing with a relatively large family or group of people, moving everyone from one place to another can seem like a very serious undertaking. Sometimes, when you’re responsible for coordinating everything yourself, things can start to slip through the cracks. This is totally normal for just about anyone moving to a new place, but you definitely want to make sure that you don’t forget anything important. When you’re rushed, though, this can happen. It’s not uncommon for a family to get to their new house, only to discover that some of their furniture wasn’t packed away properly, and got damaged during the course of moving. Few things can be more upsetting than damaging a piece of valued furniture, so we’ll talk about how to properly wrap and pack everything before you actually hit the road to move.

When it comes to wrapping and packing away furniture, you only want to make sure you’re wrapping up the delicate and more easily-damaged parts. When you’re moving a fancy couch, for example, you want to make sure that its wooden legs are all wrapped and protected. Things like nice woods that are finished well should be sure to get a few layers of padding and protection wrapped around them. As far as loading up that moving van is concerned, you’re going to want to make sure you put all the larger and heavier items in the back of the van — which means you’re going to load them first.

You always want to make sure that everything is completely secured, as well — if you hire a town to town moving company, they’ll help you out with this in just about every way. You want to make sure that drawers are fastened shut, and that cabinets have been sealed closed somehow, as well. This way, nothing will come open while you’re in transit. Moving can be pretty stressful work, but sometimes it can be definitely worth all the trouble when you and your family are enjoying a beautiful new home. Keep these strategies in mind, and you’ll be guaranteed to have a lot less trouble while you work on getting there.

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  1. logan asem says:

    1. We always recommend using a lot of rope for loads

    2. We like Scotch tear by hand packing tape the best.

    3. For local moves it is always better to rent a bigger truck than you need and not too much more expensive

    4. load you heavy boxes on the bottom and lighter stuff on top

    5. It’s always a good idea to buy plastic mattress covers for newer mattresses. Even ones that you just want to keep very clean.U Haul has them. Otherwise leave the mattress cover on it because it can always be washed.

    6. Don’t pack bottled bleach or detergents, we just had another indecent of some well intended person packing laundry soap onto an overseas bound container and one two gallon bottle burst. It was sad. Bleach can do real damage.

    7. If you are considering taking your pet on a long trip, it may be prudent to consult a veterinarian first.

    8. If you are using an ABF cleated ramp, we now know how to cover it with plywood to roll flat piano dolly’s etc. on.

    9. We know a family who has a Maersk container, aluminum loading ramp. We could arrange a rental. They are hard to get.

    10. The rule of thumb to follow is the more wrapping the better the outcome. Even news paper and masking tape is better than nothing.

    11. What type of rope to buy? 3/8″ inch nylon or fiber rope is best. Try not to buy clothesline. How much? Usually 50′- 100′ adequate. More is sometimes needed on longer trucks/trailers respectively.

    12. We now recommend that especially for wood furniture that it is better to wrap it up with news paper and masking tape
    then not to wrap it at all. You’ll avoid scratches and dinging. Although moving pads and/or stretch wrap are better.

    13. Tape all boxes top and bottom. Boxes have a 75 lb. weight limit on average.

    14. Save your flat screen TV. boxes and re-use them for packing, they cost more than $20.00 to buy at a moving supply store.

    15. If you are just moving onto wood floors for the first time we recommend felt pads for the furniture feet. You can buy them at any major hardware store.

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