How to Properly Oversee Your Movers and Packers On Moving Day

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Come moving day it is understandable that every client wants their move to go on as smoothly as possible. And being an exciting day when you finally move out, you might be inclined to oversee your move. This is perfectly okay considering it is your property that is being handled by any one of the interstate moving companies you may have hired. However, there is such a thing as a right and a wrong way to do that. Read on find out how to properly oversee your move.

Ask them if there is anything they need

In order to enjoy a great move, it helps if the movers have all the support they need. That support could be in terms of tools, directions around the property, or even help with the kids who might be excitedly getting in their way. Ask your movers if they need anything as they get started and accommodate them where possible so that they can serve you as best as possible. If the movers are getting the support they need from you, you can bet they will work better and meet your needs with greater success.

Let them know about any special requests you may have

It’s possible that you may have some special requests for the movers come the D-day. This is perfectly okay. Just make it known that you have some special requests and ask if those requests can be fulfilled. Even better, put in your special requests days before the move so that the company can process them before the movers get to your location. Special requests on moving day could entail asking for more packaging materials, asking for certain items to get wrapped in blankets, asking that movers take off their shoes when working within your indoor space, etc.

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Tell them about any delicate or highly valuable items you may have

If you have items within your space that need special handling, let the movers know beforehand so that they can give them the extra care they deserve. Items that might need this recognition include antiques, family heirlooms, safes, or bulky items such as pianos. You can also request that such items be handled first in order to get them out of the way. Or you could agree with the movers to handle them last – whatever works best.

Be friendly and courteous when communicating your needs

Last but not least, remember to be friendly to the moving crew. In the same way you’d want the movers to be friendly and courteous towards you, do the same for them. A little kindness can go a long way. And overseeing your move also entails giving the movers a little encouragement where possible. You could even go out of your way to offer them some snacks to boost morale.

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