How To Prevent Burglaries In 2013

Advancements in security technology have caused a serious decline in home burglaries since the 1950s. There are now electronic security units that scare away intruders and alert the police in case of a break in. These systems are always evolving and enhancing the security of our homes. There are plenty of other modern technologies that have helped to curb crime as well. For instance, a deadbolt and a reinforced glass window can go a long way in preventing a burglary. Many criminals are tense during a break in. It is only natural. The crimes they intend to commit have severe consequences. That is why a security alarm is so likely to frighten a burglar into retreating.

Home burglaries have been on a steady decline for nearly sixty years. However, they are also those thieves who are looking for ways into your house. Here is a list of specific ways to increase the safety of your home.

Get a dog. A dog is one of the best ways to defend your home. Unlike an alarm system, a dog can attack. Many burglars are not willing to take the chance of entering a guarded home.

Use a deadbolt on your door. Many burglars thrive on silence and swiftness. Deadbolts are tough to get through with brute force.

Landscaping can help to defend your home. Hedges can be arranged in a way that makes entering and exiting the property too difficult.

It is crucial that you do not leave expensive items in plain view. A burglar is more likely to invade a home when they know that they will score big. Leaving bikes or appliances on the lawn will attract the average burglar.

It is a good idea to inspect your home from the outside. Leave your blinds open and walk around outside. This is the easiest way to determine whether your home seems like a prime target. It is sometimes good to leave rooms visibly empty. Having just a few inexpensive items visible will give the impression that your home has nothing of value for the burglar.

The easiest way to avoid a break in at night is by leaving some outside lights on. Burglars thrive on darkness. Garage lights can frighten the most experienced burglar.

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How To Prevent Burglaries In 2013

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