How to Organize Your Storage Unit for Frequent Access

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We’ve all been there. Standing in the middle of our storage unit, trying to figure out what’s what. Since you’re reading this text, let’s take a guess and say you’re in need of well-organized storage space. You’ve come to the right address! In the article below, we’ll show you how to organize your storage unit for frequent access.

Same-sized boxes, anyone?

This will be a concise one. To experience less trouble while arranging the containers of your stored items, it might be best to put everything into boxes of identical size. That way, you’ll have no problems with stacking boxes along the walls of your unit. Of course, you can get cardboard boxes for free, but they probably won’t be of the same size.


Now, this probably goes without saying, but carefully labeling every box you store will make your life a bit easier. Only a bit? More than that, actually. If you think you’re going to remember what you’ve in which box/plastic container, you’re probably going to have a bad time. In other words: you’ll have to open the boxes one by one to find a specific item. You’d probably lose some nerves to that scenario, and that’s what you don’t want to do. Labeling is also a part of other organizational strategies; that’s how important it is.

Employ your list-making skills

Whether or not you’re obsessed with making lists, this one’s crucial. By making a list (inventory) of all the items you’ve stored in boxes inside your unit, you’ll ensure not a single item is lost or forgotten. As always, getting a pen and paper and writing down every tiny detail gets the job done.

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Additional tip – Map out your storage unit!

While we’re on the pen and paper subject, you might want to draw a map of your storage unit alongside the inventory list. You’re not an experienced mapmaker? It shouldn’t matter. What matters is that you’re able to decipher what you’ve drawn. Also, you can attach the map to your storage unit’s wall just so you always know where it is. You don’t want to lose the thing that helps you not lose things. That would be pretty ironic, don’t you think?

Use wall space

Try to stack the boxes up against the unit’s walls as much as possible. Now, of course, that doesn’t mean you should put them up so high they can’t be reached unless you’re using a ladder. By stacking boxes too high up, you’ll create a mess you’re trying to avoid. Additionally, the boxes could easily fall and hurt someone.

Is winter approaching?

What’s your answer to the question above? If it’s a YES, you might want to think about storing your winter clothes last after you tidy up the place. Winter clothes are among the most common things people keep there, and you’ll probably need to have them someplace where you can reach them with ease. That goes for all seasonal items. Imagine your winter clothes and Christmas ornaments in the last box in the corner of the unit. It would take you some serious time to reach them.

Don’t waste space! – the half-empty box syndrome

Here’s a fact: you don’t want to have a unit filled with half-empty boxes. What a waste of precious storage space, right? So, whenever you start packing items into a container, make sure to fill it up to the top. Don’t be lazy to make rearrangements from time to time to efficiently use all of the space provided by the unit.

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Upgrade to a bigger unit

Of course, this solution is just too easy. Upgrade to a bigger unit? Oh, really? Yup, sometimes that’s the best choice. Feel free to check out what folks at A2B Moving and Storage have to say about it. You might even find an appropriately-sized storage unit for all the things you’re planning to store. A bigger unit gives you more freedom and options if you’re thinking about downsizing your home.

Consider not stacking the boxes next to each other

Now, this is applicable only if you have the luxury to do it. Anyway, try not to stack boxes next to each other. Always leave some row space. You need to freely move around the unit, and by opening up passages, you’ll be able to fully enjoy that freedom.

One last tip: Put some plastic on the floor

Okay, this one’s not so much about the whole “organize your storage unit for frequent access” thing. Still, we thought it was best to mention it. It’s one of the ways you can maintain your household goods while they’re in storage. Put a thick layer of plastic on the floor to protect your boxes from humidity and other things. Or, you can rent a climate-controlled storage unit. That’s the twin sibling of the paragraph above.

Final words

There you have it, folks. These were some tips on how to organize your storage unit for frequent access. As we’ve already mentioned at the beginning, by following most (or all) of these tips, you’ll guarantee yourself a tidy storage unit you won’t get lost in. Hopefully, the days of wondering what you’ve put where will become ancient history. And with those wishes, we’re ending the article right now.

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