Moving is always a pain. Boxing everything up, wrestling furniture through doorways, and navigating stairs with loads of belongings is enough to stress anyone out. When you live in a high-rise apartment, all of these stresses are turned up to the max. Every difficulty is exaggerated by the fact that everything needs to be moved so far.

For a layman, moving out of a high-rise apartment can be almost impossible. Trying to move furniture that will not fit in an elevator means dragging it down staircase after staircase. You are practically guaranteed to break something over the course of the move, which will mean an expensive replacement. The move is likely to take days, as exhaustion takes over. Luckily, there is a better way.

A removals company specializes in getting furniture and belongings out of difficult situations. If you live in a high rise, a home with narrow doorways, or have exceptionally difficult to move objects like a piano, a removals company is who you want to call.

For a high-rise apartment, removals companies will have many tools at their disposal to make a nightmare of a move into a quick and painless process. Experience combined with the right tools for the job means that days of work can be reduced to mere hours. Moving companies seem expensive when looking at the price tag alone, but there are so many ways that professional movers can save you money as well as effort.

Consider how long you will need to take off work if you are moving everything yourself. Packing and moving can take weeks in a difficult move. Having movers do all of this for you will mean you can stay at work longer, and probably make most or all of that money back.

Packing materials are also a big cost of moving, even solo. Professional movers know exactly how many boxes and packing materials they will need, and they buy in bulk. This means that the cost of buying materials might be just as high as hiring people to bring the materials and use them for you!

The great thing about hiring a removals company is that your belongings are insured. If something gets broken by the company, you will get its value back. If you drop your television down the stairs, you will be buying a new one, which is probably most of the cost of a moving company already! For a problematic move with plenty of opportunities to damage your belongings, hiring professionals is the safest option.

You will also know what you are getting when you hire movers. Getting an upfront cost and being prepared to pay it is a much less stressful experience than taking on the job yourself. Most people who have tried moving solo can relate to the feeling that the job will never end. Each step is harder than it seems like it will be, extending the job by hours, then days. Movers have the experience to know how much the job will cost and how long it will take. No guesswork!

Professional removals companies have seen it all and have the right tools for the job. Some tools would be ridiculous for a person to own but turn a horrible move into a breeze. For many high-rise apartments, for example, a lift or ramp that reaches a window can be the perfect tool.

When it comes down to it, making a stressful move on your own does not make sense. You may save some money on paper, but the time, effort, and risk add up to a high cost. Hiring a removals company to get your things out of a high rise means you get the peace of mind of knowing that your belongings will be safe, and you won’t have to lift a finger.