How to Maximize Storage Space

StorageEvery home has a place that can be used to storing items but is not due to the fact that people are not well aware of how to best use it. But the truth is that it is not that difficult to use it especially when you know the very basics of how to best maximize the storage space you have in your home. The following lines will give you a few ideas on how to do that.

If you are living in a house you certainly have at least one staircase in it. The area under them is actually hiding al of valuable space that can be used for storing your things. You can create a closet there, a niche or even make a few shelves. You can even connect the new area with your basement for more convenience. This place is a great place to store your kids’ toys, different types of decorations, pantries, etc. They are a wonderful way to store your books, toys, tiny items, decorative elements, glasses, sets of plates practically everything that can be stored and will look good there. Make sure not to store too heavy items on the shelves as they might not manage to handle the weight and break down.

Another area in the home that can be used as a storage space is the hallway especially if it is large enough. What you can do to achieve that is simply install a number of shelves on the hallway walls or put a few small closets on one of the sides of the hallway. A good idea is to use folding screens that can be both useful and serve as a decoration. Behind them you can store a lot of items such as different types of equipment, toys, shoes, even skis and snowboards.

And if you decide to create extra closets you can even organise the space in them so that you can be sure you have maximum storage space. First, make a list of which items you are going to place there. These should be the things you do not use very often or things that are used based on the season. Then place the items that are least likely to be used on the higher shelves or in the bottom of boxes. Items that are used more often should be easier to reach. Place them in a way you will easily find them when needed.

For example, you can place all your Christmas decorations in a couple of boxes, label them as “For Christmas” and place them on some of the higher shelves. After all you are going to need them only once a year. Remember, the most important thing is to arrange the whole place in a way you will easily find everything you need and you have stored before.

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