How To Maintain Your Household Goods While In Long Term Storage

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Moving and storage go hand in hand. If you need moving services from a cross country moving company, there’s a chance that you need storage services as well. That is why our company is called GPS Moving & Storage. But do you know how to maintain your goods while in storage? Do you know how to keep your stored furniture in good condition till the day you need to collect and set it up in your space? Read on to learn how you can do just that.

Check on your items every couple of weeks

Even if you have your household goods stored in a safe storage unit, do not keep them out of site for long periods of time. Checking on your items every now and then has several great benefits. For one, it improves the security of your items because anyone curious enough will know that that unit in question is not under neglect. You might not imagine it, but a simple sign such as a padlock covered in dust could alert a criminal that your unit is neglected.

Air your unit once in a while

When you go to check on your unit, it would be great if you could air it for a little while, if possible. Doing so will help to keep the unit fresh and also get rid of any accumulated moisture that might cause rot or mold amongst your goods. If you can power on a fan within the unit for a little while that would work great. If that is not possible, simply keep the unit’s door up for about an hour to swap out the air.

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Apply pesticide to keep away rodents and other pests

Your goods can get ravaged by pests while in storage. Cardboard and books are especially vulnerable. Of course, this does not happen in all moving storage facilities. But it is a possibility, nonetheless. So keep your items safe by applying some pesticide around your stored households every now and then. If you have your goods stored in airtight storage this might not be a huge concern. However, if your goods are stored in an ordinary non-climate-controlled unit then caution needs to be taken.

Keep your goods neatly arranged all through

It is highly advisable that you keep your furniture neatly stored even while in storage. If you had a moving company store the goods for you then you may not need to worry much about this because they will definitely pack and store them professionally. However, if you’re doing it on your own, pack what you can in boxes, label what is in each box, and arrange the boxes with the heaviest being at the bottom.

Pay your storage fees ahead of time

Lastly, make sure to pay your storage fees on time each month. If you can pay for several months in advance and potentially benefit from discounts. Paying for your storage fees in advance helps to prevent any legal downsides whereby your goods may be forfeit to sale or auction.

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