As your moving day approaches and all your precious belongings are packed safely away, it is time to find a rental truck.  Driving a rental truck is very different from driving a car and when you think about all of your things being transported through busy city streets or over highways, you will want to be sure that you pack your truck in the most safe manner possible.  I did my research and I found some valuable tips and tricks for loading the rental truck.

•    Review the items to be packed and makes notes about the order in which you want the items loaded.
•    Make sure you load the heaviest items first with these items placed into the rental truck as close to the driver and passenger compartment as possible.
•    Consider weight of these heavy items and make sure they are balanced across the truck and secured so that they do not shift. Use padding and straps to insure a snug fit.
•    Next to load should be all the long pieces such as mattresses, bed frames, tables, etc.  Place these items against the sides of the truck, once again considering  balance side to side.
•    The heaviest boxes should be loaded next and placed beside the heavy appliances at the front of the truck.  Fill any gaps that may exist between or under items.
•    The lighter boxes should be loaded next, place them on top of and beside the heavier boxes.
•    Finally, your most fragile items will be carefully moved into the truck with special attention paid to ensuring that they will not shift or move.

Planning your move in advance as much as possible will save you countless headaches and maybe some heartache as well.  Safety is important and taking extra care to avoid rushing will also mean a stress-free move.