How To Find The Best Storage Space For Your Money

How To Find The Best Storage Space For Your MoneyWhether you’re downsizing, moving or have inherited possession from a family member who has passed on, renting a storage unit allows you to keep everything you own without cluttering your home. Storage can cost less than $30 per month, but you’ve got plenty of options when it comes to choosing the right storage unit. You may not want to simply go with the first company you see on the side of the road.

Is Bigger Better?

Carefully planning the way you will pack your possessions into storage can help you save room. Vacuum storage bags, boxes packed full and disassembled furniture require less space than when you haphazardly store items. Make sure to throw away any trash before moving to a storage unit like that at Extra Space Storage in Holiday, Florida to save money.

Drive-Up Storage

Vehicle access is also a convenience that many consumers pay more for. If you have to move appliances, heavy boxes or bulky item, first-floor storage is ideal. However, you may pay more for that drive-up access, so renting a handcart for a unit that’s further from the lot or on the second floor might get you the better savings.

Location, Location, Location

It might be convenient to go with the storage company right down the road, but it might also cost more. A storage facility that’s further away might have the better price, especially if the company is looking to attract new customers. Many customers visit their units only a few times per year so distance isn’t a problem.

You Gotta Shop Around

If you want to save money, shop around. Call different companies. Check out their website and Facebook page for coupons. You might be able to save on the first month’s rent. Your local newspaper might also include coupons that can save on storage unit costs.

Protection Against the Elements

There are some areas where you do not want to skimp, and climate control is one of those areas. Moisture may damage wood furniture, books, paperwork and art, among other materials. Storage without climate control is a viable option if you can use a dehumidifier to keep the moisture level low. However, these appliances require that you empty the tank periodically, so it’s usually a smarter decision to pay for climate-controlled storage to keep your items safe when you can’t check in.

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