How to Clean Out and Organize Your Self Storage Unit

Self storage units can easily get disorderly if we are not careful about organizing them. If the clutter and mess of your self storage unit is giving you a headache, it is time to re-organize and clean things up. The following are some guidelines to help you figure out exactly how to approach sprucing up a self storage unit. Not all of these tips apply to everyone, but we hope you find something useful in this blog.

Consider Emptying the Whole Thing Out 

Sometimes when we move all of our stuff into a self storage unit we are in a rush, or we just don’t plan out exactly how everything should fit in. The results can look like a  nightmare. If your self storage unit looks absolutely terrible, it may be time to empty the whole thing out and start over. This time when you put everything in make sure to organize it carefully. Put furniture against the walls, stack boxes neatly and leave an aisle in the middle. This task may seem like a lot of work, but in the end it will save you a lot of time.

Toss, Donate or Sell 

Purging a self storage unit of unneeded and/or unwanted items can feel liberating. Consider carefully what things you need to hold onto versus things you don’t want/need anymore. Next just toss, sell or donate the unwanted item. This can free up a lot of room in a self storage unit, so that you can have more room to organize the stuff that you still desire to keep. If you are a bit of a pack rat, make sure to set a certain goal for the amount of stuff you want to get rid of. Even just removing a box full or garbage bag full of stuff can make a huge difference.

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Try to figure out if there are ways that you can consolidate the items that you already have in self storage. Any loose items not in boxes should go in boxes. Putting things in an orderly manner, sort of like an adult game of Tetris, can free up a whole lot of space.  Stack anything that can be stacked. Taking small steps to fit everything together more precisely really is a great way to help organize your self storage unit.

Add Labels, Drapes, Boxes 

Lastly, make sure any steps that you may have skipped to create a self storage unit that you take now. Put any loose items in boxes. Label any unlabeled boxes. Cover furniture with blankets to protect them from dust. By upgrading the materials used in your self storage unit, it’ll be a lot more organized for future use.

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