How to Add Storage Space in Your Garage

Sometimes it can get tough for a homeowner to find an adequate amount of storage space. Sometimes we have to deal with a smaller living situation, and it’s just not that easy to find a place where you can actually put everything. If you’ve accumulated a pretty good amount of possessions over the years, you might reach a point where you have a tough time figuring out where you’re going to actually keep all of it. This is a pretty common situation, especially when you’ve been accumulating your things for a number of years.

When you’ve got an entire family that you’re taking care of, this problem can be even more pressing. Maybe you live in a smaller condo or an apartment. Perhaps you’ve got a more spacious place, like a house that you can call your own. Either way, it can start to get tough to find places to put all your things, and this is doubly true when you’ve got an entirely family who needs to be able to put all their stuff away. The garage usually winds up being the go-to solution when it comes to finding a place to put things that don’t need to be used on a regular basis. Your garage is a great place to store things, but it can also get pretty full and cluttered quickly. Many homeowners love to store things in their garage, but seriously wish there was some more space. If this sounds like you, you’re in luck. We’ll talk about a couple of easy solutions that will have you making more space for yourself so that you can make sure you’re able to store things in your garage comfortably.

For one thing, make sure you’re taking advantage of all your vertical storage space. It’s very likely that your garage has four walls, and you should definitely be making use of all that great space when it comes to storing things. You can easily build shelves that will help you store your stuff, and it’s really not tough to simply hang things up on the wall when you’re going to need to access them regularly. There are a ton of great ways to use the walls to your advantage when it comes to storing things in your garage.

Another great solution is right above your head. Think about using the rafters in your garage to your advantage, if you’ve got any. You can simply put some boards up there to give yourself a convenient flat surface on which you’ll be able to store things when it gets a little crowded in your garage. You should definitely make sure you’re using something sturdy when you do this, so that you don’t run the risk of having your things fall on your car. When you’re feeling a little cramped, one of these solutions will definitely help you to find a little more space where you need it. Even the best Tanglewood real estate can be made more attractive with the addition of a little more storage space.

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