For several reasons, various noises bombard us from the time we awake to maybe when we go to bed at night. Even sometimes during the night, depending on the environmental factors wherever you live, you might also encounter noise in one form or the other.

Noise is an unwanted sound that is disruptive, loud, and unpleasant. This can range from noise from traffic, from children playing and screaming to construction work happening nearby. Anything can constitute noise. Regular exposure to noise can cause stress and constitute a psychological and physical health challenge. See more information here.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have to live where the noise levels are high and you simply cannot just up and leave, what do you do?

A good solution is using soundproof curtains in your home. These are curtains designed to block out or reduce the noise levels within a room. They look like regular house curtains but what makes them different are the materials used in their design and of course, what they do.

They are made of much thicker and heavier materials than regular curtains. Materials like velvet, kilo serge, and polyester. They also contain several layers of fabrics so as to be able to absorb sound. Different manufacturers use different materials or fabrics and they come in different colors, textures, and designs so they don’t look boring. This also means getting one that will match your room color or taste will not be difficult.

You do not need any special accessories other than what you already use for your regular curtains. They use regular curtain rods and come fitted with rings for rod insertion so you would not have to go through the trouble of looking for how to fit holes to hang them with. They can be hung in any room, over any window and if you prefer, doors.

How SoundProof Curtains Work?

You may ask: do these curtains actually work? Yes, they do.

Just like no noise blocking, reducing or eliminating mechanisms can completely eliminate noise, these too cannot cancel out all existing noise. The way they work is by absorbing echoes in your room. Because of the materials they are made with, they also have the ability to block out noise coming from outside a room.

These materials are soft and fluffy which enables them to absorb sounds waves in the atmosphere. They are also oversized so they completely cover the windows and have pleats that help absorb sounds.

Advantages of SoundProof Curtains

They are cheap

There are other sound-blocking methods out there but these curtains are cheap and will not cost you a whole lot to purchase.

They are Easy to Purchase and Maintain.

You do not need to pay a professional to come help you fix them. The only thing you probably might not be able to do and need outside help is fixing the mount brackets where the curtain rods will rest on. Visit to check out some of the best ones.

They block out Sounds

Of course, this is their primary objective and benefit. They are designed to block out sounds from entering a room and also absorbs echo around the room.

They Block out light

Because they are thick and the materials used for them, they are perfect for blocking out light from a room if you need to.

They Help in Thermal insulation to Keep a Room Warm

During winter months, soundproof curtains, because of their thickness, act as a layer of thermal insulation against the cold. They keep the room warm and during summer, they can help keep out the warm air.

How to buy SoundProof Curtains

When you are considering buying one, there are some things you should consider before you make your purchase. These should mostly be based on your preferences and not necessarily how good they are. Below are some of the factors you will need to consider:


In choosing a curtain, the bigger it is, the better. Determine where you need it, take a measuring tape and measure the width and length of the area.

As you measure, remember for effectiveness, they should be a few inches wider than your window or door after taking the pleats into account. It is also best, if you can, to make it a full length from top to bottom allowing them to drape on the floor (be careful not to drape too much so you do not walk on it and slip).


This is one of the important things to put into consideration when looking for the best soundproof curtain. Look out for the ones made with extra fibers and layers. Those that contain thermal insulated, thermaweave or thermalayer layers. Polyester, suede, velvet and kilo serge are a few good soundproof curtain materials to consider when buying. 

Density and Thickness

The best curtains are those that are thick and heavy. This makes them absorb sounds better than thinner ones. You may also want to consider using multiple layers of them.

Rods and mounts

Rods should do two very important things; support the weight of your curtain and let it be as close to the wall as possible. This allows the gaps around it be as minimal as possible. Wrap around rails are the best type of rods for this. Most rods though will support the weight but be sure to confirm this. It must be installed with deep screws and wall plugs so it does not pull away from the wall.

Using a ceiling mount bracket instead of regular wall brackets is also a good thing to consider as this makes it closer to the ceiling and therefore blocks more sound. An alternative to that is to make sure the rail is at least 10cm or more above the top of your window or door.


If you are looking for a quick, easy to install, cost-effective noise reducing solution, then soundproof curtains are your best bet. They help make your room better and let you get that peace you need which ultimately removes your stress and improves your health.