How Precious Items and Self Storage Can Go Together

Well, the day finally came and we sent our daughter off to college.  So many adjustments had to be made as we explored the world of “empty nesters”.  Of course, my husband insisted that the first order of business (after making sure she was settled in at school) was to realize our dream of a home office.  This was our plan for years but, that also means years of accumulating “stuff”.  Packing up our daughter’s room was a trip down memory lane.

As we surveyed our basement crawl space, we quickly realized that storage was going to be an issue.  Plus, a few years back we had a bit of a mouse infestation so I was thinking twice about storing my precious daughter’s things down there.  We both got the idea of self storage immediately.

I had a few concerns about the self storage facility itself and there were a few things I made sure I checked out before signing that contract.
•    Climate Control means “just like home”.
•    Security that means no worries at all.
•    Easy access and a manager available 24/7.

Having the manager on site adds an extra layer of security and if video monitoring is included, that is even better.  I was also thinking that we should look for a company with “clean and green” practices such as thermostatic control of the temperature of the facility.  Environmental responsibility is important to me, as I am sure it is to you.

Once we found the perfect self storage facility, we packed up her room and placed everything safely into the portable storage unit that was delivered to us.  Oh yes, the portable storage unit is probably the greatest invention of all time!  We were able to take our time, reliving so many memories, as we personally packed things gently away.  All things considered, we could not have asked for a better experience.

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