Great Tips for Moving from your Rental or Let Home

Renters tend to move reasonably regularly and so making life easier and being prepared can be a great benefit. Of course, the older you get the more items accumulate and the more you have to move, making moving an even harder task. However, there are certainly ways to make things a lot easier and here are some tips for removals.


Preparing by firstly ordering your removal provider well in advance is the best way to ensure that you have a removal person there at your preferred time. Renters too often leave the process that bit too long and then find it hard to get their preferential removals company and so this causes problems.


Ideally, begin your packing as early as possible – you’d be surprised at how much this can help you. It can take a long time to box things up and because of this you may end up having to postpone the removal team – something that can cause all sorts of problems. In addition, it’s also going to end up causing you more stress if you have to try and pack things at the last minute.

If there are any problems or you’re not sure of your completion date, try and keep your removal company in the know. This will make it a lot easier to work around issues and problems that may arise and if you end up cancelling you could incur a full day’s removal cost – something nobody wants to have to pay for. Using an online rental portal such as Letting Web means you are struck for choice and can decide on letting from a wide selection of places.

Lots of Items

This issue is more common to people who have lived in the same place for a long period, however if you have lots of items then it may be a good idea to allow the removals people to take a look initially as this will allow them to prepare for the removal. Often you will need more for the removal than you think.

Also, remember that if you’re using a man and van it’s best to place the larger items out the front so they can be placed in the van first. By doing this you are better prepared and can make more use of the room in the van. Often if you ask the removal company they will inform you the best way to organise your home and items for removal. One thing they will tell you to do is to not overfill boxes.

Price of Removal

The price of removals varies, however most companies will work on a hourly rate and there are often penalties for going over time – they may interfere with other work. So, make sure that you book them for a safe enough period of time to prevent problems.

If you have insurance check with the policy to ensure that you will be covered for moving – some home insurers will cover your items in case of breakage. In addition, some insurance companies also will do the same.

Parking is also something to consider as often there is a need to organise permits. Also, informing neighbours of a removal is a good idea too as this will ensure there is space for the van when it arrives.

These are just a few tips we can offer on removals for people moving home – so hopefully they will be of help.

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