Get the Space You Need in Your Garage

A lot of planning and preparation goes into remodeling your garage, especially if you are starting over or expanding your current setup. One of the first steps is laying out your plans for the new space. There are some things to keep in mind to make sure that your new garage is big enough for your automotive projects and other needs. Ceiling height is usually restricted by regulations in your town, so be sure to find out this limitation before breaking ground. However, to accommodate most car lifts you will not need more than 12 feet of space. Allow at least 22 to 26 feet of depth in your garage to allow for wall storage space and workbenches. Once you have the dimensions set, plan out your electricity, plumbing, lighting and flooring options so that everything you need can be incorporated. Read the infographic below to see more garage necessities so you can get inspiration for your new garage.

Written by Justin Krauss of American Garage Floor, America’s largest online flooring retailer.

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