Moving house soon and having no idea how to plan it all? Don’t worry – this is something millions of people do every year, whether it is a local, cross-country or international relocation. Moving house has never been more common or easier. It is also becoming more and more affordable to move house with the full professional assistance of a moving company.

One of the essential stages of every house move is the unpacking process. It’s a challenging time, right after the relocation. It’s normal to feel exhausted and overwhelmed, especially if you have traveled a long way. Finding yourself amidst all the boxes and the furniture isn’t easy. The biggest challenge for you will be to actually turn this flat or house into a welcoming and cozy home that feels good for the whole family.

The first step is to place the heavy furniture where you’d like to keep it and avoid moving it around too much. Next up, it’s time to unpack the major appliances – fridge, cooker, dishwasher, washing machine, etc. Unpack box by box and room by room, starting with the two most essential places in every home – the bathroom and the kitchen. Ensure that everyone will be able to have a good night’s sleep on the first night by assembling the beds and unpacking the bedding, blankets and pillows. Leave the non-essential boxes for much later. Don’t get focused on small details and miss the big picture. Use the space effectively, by also using the height of the rooms. One of the biggest challenged you could face is having to downsize as the lack of enough storage space can be quite frustrating. Don’t stress over if that’s the fact though – there are plenty of creative ways to store your belongings even when it seems like you don’t have the space.

When unpacking, give a wipe off to those items that don’t look clean enough. Try not to create a big mess around you, but rather stay focused on one box and area at a time. If you want to finish with the unpacking faster, involve your family in the process. Tell your children to unpack their own rooms and give them the freedom to arrange them the way they want to.

It’s hard to deal with your own emotions regarding the house move when you are busy unpacking and arranging the house. However, it is normal to need a few weeks, even months until you feel completely settled down and accustomed to the new home, neighborhood and city. Don’t be too harsh on yourself or your family – everyone needs a different time to cope with the effects of the relocation.

Utilize these simple, yet useful unpacking tips and you will manage quicker and easier than you have imagined.

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