Four Tips For Making Your Home More BeautifulIs your home stuck in a design rut? Sometimes it can be the large things that make a difference, but more often it’s the small and simple changes that, when combined or used alone, can make your home the best looking house on the block. Here are four tips to make your home more beautiful and keep your neighbors jealous.


Keep Your Yard and Exterior Maintained


Nothing says “They’ve got their stuff together” like a nice, manicured lawn. Invest in some high quality equipment to help your lawn be all that it can be. Also be sure to mow and weed in the spring and summer months and to have beautiful flowers or bushes adorning the side or front of the home. Update the mailbox and house numbers, and be sure to super spray your home to remove all of the dirt that can add up. If needed, add a fresh coat of paint to the exterior.


Make some Major Upgrades


If you’re really looking to make your home beautiful, consider upgrading your house in some big ways. Install hardwood flooring, nail up some baseboards and crown molding, and redo the rooms you already have. In your kitchen, add a simple backsplash for a cheap but major looking upgrade. Modernize your kitchen handles, switch out your flooring, and install pot lights for some simple but incredibly noticeable changes.


Use Paint


Paint, paint, paint! Painting a room to change the feel of it cannot be expressed enough. Paint the walls, paint the baseboards, or paint your kitchen cabinets. It can make the space look bigger with lighter colors or it can be a small and cozy haven with darker, warmer colors. Paint itself can be the one change that makes the biggest difference in any room.


Keep it Clean!


Nothing makes a home more beautiful than keeping it clean and clutter free. If you have children, make sure you have a designated spot to put the toys when they are not in use. If you see something on the floor, it takes much less time and stress to stop and pick it up than it does to keep walking by it and handling the stress of a messy home. Keep it clean, keep it simple, and keep it happy.


These four nearly simple changes to your home will make the design and overall look of your home a million times better than it was before. With just a little look, you can make your home look like it came out of a magazine, so get out there and start working on your home!