Foam Mattresses, The Pros and Cons

bedWhat’s worse than not sleeping well at night? It’s waking up with all your body in pains without an evident cause. This is what mattresses that are either too soft or hard can do to your body.

These tend to be common among spring mattresses. This is why foam mattresses are rapidly emerging as the better alternative to spring coil mattresses. This is not surprising given their benefits; however, some people have found foam mattresses a bit inadequate in meeting their sleep needs. We’ll discuss this in the cons section of this article.

The Pros of Foam Mattress

Conforms to the Body

Well designed foam mattresses are built to conform to your sleeping posture so that no matter how you sleep or in what position, your spine is always well aligned while your weight is evenly distributed.

As a result, there’s less pressure on certain parts of your body, making it ideal for people who sleep in different positions. This is quite different from spring mattresses that pay no attention to the dynamic alignment of the body and comfort.

Little or No Disturbance by Restless Partners

If you have the “good” fortune of sleeping on the same spring coil bed with a restless partner, then you know that it’s an almost impossible task –the only caveat is if you are a very deep sleeper.

You’ll feel every move they make or every turn. But with a foam mattress, you wouldn’t even feel them moving. As long as there’s some distance between you two, you can sleep peacefully.  

Affordable and Pocket-Friendly

There are too many overpriced mattresses in the market today. Now, if they did their “job” correctly, we probably wouldn’t worry about the price. Unfortunately, some of these mattresses aren’t good value for money.

With mattresses like, you will get the perfect texture –not too hard or too firm-, at an affordable, pocket-friendly rate. As far as we’re concerned, these mattresses offer excellent value for money for the amount of comfort they provide.

Better Sleep

This is the ultimate reason why we shell out big bucks for mattresses, isn’t it? Well, getting a decent foam mattress will help you sleep better and get more rest. You’ll toss and turn less than if you were sleeping on a spring coil bed. Foam mattresses often come with the appropriate pushback, thus ensuring that you don’t “sink” into the mattress.

The Disadvantages of Foam Mattress

Heat Traps

This is the single biggest disadvantage of foam mattresses and something that Lull’s foam mattresses have addressed. Most foam mattresses tend to get hot when you lay on them for long. This is even a bigger problem for those who have night sweats and hot flashes.

While this might be true for some brands, Lull’s mattresses are designed to actually remain cool when you lie on top of them. They are designed for maximum comfort and coolness, thus ensuring that you get a good night’s sleep.  

Strong Smell

Some foam mattresses come with an industrial chemical smell that can irritate the sinuses and make it hard to breathe. This is why we recommend that you try out these mattresses first before purchasing them.

Lull’s mattresses do not smell, nor have any chemical or irritable smell. In fact, all their mattresses come with a 100 Night guarantee- that’s correct, you get to sleep on the mattress for 100 days, and if you don’t like it, they’ll arrange a pickup and refund you instantly.

Your mattress is a fantastic investment. Make sure to purchase one that serves you very well, and you’ll be able to rest very well.

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