Five Timesavers Roofers Take That Damage Your New Roof

travaux couvreurIt’s natural for humans to want to finish work as quickly as possible. However, a fast-done job doesn’t necessarily mean a high quality job. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the area of home repairs.

From kitchen remodeling to roofing, skimping out on roofs is never a good idea. But many roofers will take shortcuts that in the long run, will cause more damage than it’s worth to your roof. When dealing with a roofing company, comparison shop to make sure the people you’re contracting are reputable.

These are five tricks and shortcuts a roofer might be tempted to take:

1. They’ll use a layover instead of tearing off the old shingles.

A layover is especially tempting because it saves both time and money. Taking off old damaged shingles is a pain in the butt. ¬†According to experts in roofing services in Columbus, OH, many roofers just want to get their job over with, and so they’ll slap a new layer of shingles directly over the old ones. When this is done, a large amount of weight is added to a roof. This is bad news especially for areas with snowy winters, which have to worry about their roofs caving in under the weight of months of slush.

2. They won’t provide proper weather protection.

Usually the underlying cause of roof breakage is a lack of proper insulation and shielding. Leaky roofs in particular have proven not to have a well-installed ice shield and water shield. A reputable roofer will check to see that your roof is well insulated and shielded from the elements and, if insufficient, will add a whole new shield. A less reputable roofer might skip out on this to get the job done faster.

3. They won’t use starter shingles on the eaves.

This is a designer’s nightmare, as a lack of starter shingles completely ruins the aesthetic appeal of a house. But starter shingles also add a layer of wind protection. Homes that don’t have starter shingles are more likely to have wind damage to their roofs than homes with them.

Because of this, it’s important to install starter shingles on all of your eaves. You never know when a bad windstorm or other kind of storm will sweep through and damage your property.

4. They’ll use staples rather than nails.

Staples seem like a quick fix, but they won’t hold. Nails are the only reputable way to adhere shingles to a roof.

5. They’ll keep using the old step flashing.

Usually when you redo a roof, you should pull out the old step flashing and replace it entirely. When a roofer skips out on this, you’re more prone to springing leaks in your roof. The leaks are also difficult to find, and there can be huge amounts of water damage to your roof over time.

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