Five Solutions to Storing Holiday Decorations Without Cluttering Your Garage

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5 Solutions To Storing Holiday Decorations Without Having To Clutter Your Garage

The colors, lights, miniature villages, wreaths and trees of holiday decorations all add their own delightful qualities to the season The only negative aspect of holiday decorations is storing them. For most of the year, they might be cluttering up the garage, gathering dust in the attic, or worse, deteriorating in the shed. Many decorations are family heirlooms, irreplaceable and invaluable. Fortunately, there are now many unique items for storing holiday decorations. Here are a few options to make your holiday decorating less stressful and more fun:


Crush-Proof Wreath Case

This clever storage item keeps your fragile wreath safe from distortion, dust and damage. They can be stacked or mounted on the wall. Alternatively, you can place wreaths in plastic bags. Place each plastic bag upside down in an additional bag to help keep dust out.


Hanging, Vacuum Storage Garment Bags

Designed for clothing, these handy, space-saving bags conveniently store delicate or seasonal clothing. However, they are also a superb way to store holiday tablecloths, tree skirts, table runners and blankets. Dust-free and dry, your items will remain dust-free while you aren’t using them. This is also a great space-saver by getting rid of the extra air and condensing these items that can take up a lot of room.


Tangle-Free Light Storage

One of the most frustrating holiday decoration problems is tangled strings of lights. One simple way to avoid mass entanglement is to store each set in a separate large plastic bag. For those extra long strings, or for storing them all at once, there’s the spool style light-saver. These unique light-savers not only provide easy access, they also protect bulbs from breakage.

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Ornament Storage Chest

Lined with soft materials in compartmentalized drawers, they protect your family heirloom ornaments from damage and airborne dust particulates. If there is space left around your decorations in the compartment, lightly pack tissue paper to keep your items from moving around.


A Self-Storage Unit

After you’ve packed away your items in the aforementioned pieces, you may still have more than you care to store in your home. Self-storage facilities like Extra Space Storage provide an excellent option for storing all your holiday decorations, both large and small. With a variety of sizes available, even your tall Christmas tree can be stored safely and conveniently.

As many holiday decoration items have a special significance to family members, safe storage is important to keep holiday decorations and memories intact. With the right storage choices, your family’s cherished treasures will last for generations.

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