Five Ideas To Help Make Your Outdoor Storage Less of an Eyesore

Five Ideas To Help Make Your Outdoor Storage Less of an EyesoreOutdoor storage space can be an issue for many homeowners. You may have many items you need to store outside your home, but doing so can make your outdoor space look like a disorganized mess. Fortunately, there are five ideas you can use to help make your outdoor storage less of an eyesore.

Dual Function Pieces

When you purchase pieces for your outdoor space, try to find pieces that serve more that one purpose. For example, if you need to buy a bench or a patio set for outdoor use, buy furniture that has built-in storage elements. A bench in your flowerbed might have a seat that lifts up for you to hide your items. A chest or trunk painted with an all weather paint might double as a coffee table on your patio, so you can store items inside.

Outdoor Buildings

If you need a lot of outdoor storage, you may be thinking about organizing with garages and sheds. The trick to making a garage or shed look good in a yard is matching the building to the house. Use the same brick, siding, or roofing on the building that complements the house. If you store things in the shed, keep them organized to maintain an attractive yard.

Out of Sight

Another idea is to keep your stored items out of sight. You have to think creatively about the space you have. If you have empty space under a porch or deck, this could be enclosed with a trellis to store things out of sight.

Shrubbery Can Conceal

While shrubbery can add to the design of your landscape, it can also conceal quite a bit. One idea is to plant a row of trees or shrubs at the back of your property line, and then place the items you need to store behind the trees and shrubs. No one will know they are there except for you. You can even put a fence up behind the trees or shrubs, so the stored items are covered from either vantage point.

Build a Fence

If all else fails, you can always build a fence. If you don’t want to fence in your entire yard, you can fence in a small area of the yard or an area up against the back of the house. The trick is to build the fence high enough to cover even the tallest items you need to store.

Using these outdoor storage tips will help your outdoor space look great. A little creativity and a lot of organization works wonders.

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