Factors That Affect Self-Storage Prices In The UK

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It’s a given already that the prices of self-storage facilities vary depending on many factors. Self-storage facilities can cost users from just a few handfuls of pounds a week to hundreds of pounds. The price also depends on the area where it is at. Obviously, there are prime locations which can affect not only the price but their availability.

It is very common for new storage users to get a facility that is not the right fit for them. Either their storage is too big or has too much amenities that they do not actually need. The main objective of getting a storage facility is to save up on space and money. This would be counterproductive if you lose this money getting a storage facility that’s too expensive. It goes without saying that you would want to avoid losing as much money as possible. The best way to do is to keep yourself well-informed of all the factors that affect storage prices. This will allow you to know how to lower the prices even more.

Here are some factors that affect self-storage prices in the UK.

Storage Size

Often, users overestimate just how huge of a storage unit they really need. This means that what they get is a unit that’s too huge. The ideal storage unit should be the right size — can fit your items properly without too much of an excess.

If you get a storage facility that is too big, it would cost you way too much money. And it would just have nothing but air inside. On the other hand, if you get a storage facility that is too small, it would beat the purpose of getting one in the first place. If you can’t bring all of your items in your unit then what was the point of renting them? There will still be clutter inside your house.

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Before you go looking for a storage unit, you should organise your items first into boxes so you can estimate just how big of a facility you need. All items that can be disassembled should also be dismantled to save space.


The location of the storage facility that you will get is an important factor. You have to decide immediately where you should rent a storage facility. If you will be putting in items that you don’t really need on a regular basis then it would be more beneficial to your bank account to consider getting one along the countryside. The farther away from the city, the cheaper it generally is.

Indoor or Outdoor Type

Storage facilities come in different types. The most common are Indoor and Outdoor types. The prices of an Indoor would be higher than an Outdoor type. Indoor Facilities have much more amenities available and provides much more security. This is recommended for users who will be storing sensitive items such as clothes and wooden furniture. These items need climate control to avoid sustained damage from extreme temperatures.

Outdoor access facilities, on the other hand, allow its tenants to drive up and access the storage units from the outside. This makes for easier access and quicker transportation of items. Unfortunately, outdoor access facilities will not have the same amenities and features as an Indoor type.


Speaking of Amenities, Storage facilities come with various amenities that will make your life easier. CCTV Camera, for example, puts your mind at ease of whether your items are safe or not. Climate Control is also for storing wooden furniture and the like to save them from humidity damage and other injuries brought upon by extreme temperatures. Extra amenities can actually increase the price of your rent so only get what you need.

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Duration of Stay

Your duration of stay can be a factor on whether companies would be amenable into giving you discounts and slashed prices. If you decide to stay longer, you would have companies offering to you a discount.

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