Damaged Home? Fix it Up With These 5 Upgrades

Damaged Home Fix it Up With These 5 Upgrades.When you are a homeowner, you must perform regular maintenance to keep your home in good shape. Over time, weather and mishaps can damage your home. You need to set aside the time to do projects that will rebuild your damaged home to help retain its value. Here are five upgrades you can make to help repair your damaged home.


1. Fix the Roof

One of the most important repairs you need to perform on your home is fixing up the roof. A damaged roof can cause leaking into your home, which could lead to thousands of dollars in damage. In order to fix your roof, you must inspect it regularly to look for loose or missing shingles. You can re-shingle your roof yourself, or you can hire a crew to do it or you.


2. Repair Your Gutters

While you are up taking a look at your roof, make sure to take the time to inspect your gutters as well. Your gutters should be cleaned out regularly to make sure that they are functioning well. If your gutters have become damaged, you need to get them replaced with Indianapolis copper gutters right away. Gutters that are broken can cause water to soak into the soil underneath your house, which will damage your foundation and lead to basement flooding.


3. Repaint Your House

The exterior of your home can become quite damaged when it weathers a brutal winter. It will cause your paint to chip and flake, and you need to repair this to prevent the damage from getting down into the siding. You should inspect the exterior of your home carefully each spring to see how it weathered the winter. If it looks damaged, you can repaint your home to protect it once again.


4. Reseal the Toilet

Toilets suffer a lot of abuse. After a while, you may notice that your toilets rock a little when you sit on them. This is a sign that the toilet seal with the floor has been damaged. This will cause small leaks that will damage the flooring. Make sure to reseal the toilet when you first start to notice it rocking.


5. Repair Your Cabinets

It is a pricy repair project to replace your cabinets, but you can save a fortune by simply repairing them. Damaged cabinets can be easily refurbished with some sandpaper, varnish and a little elbow grease. Sand out the scratches and give your cabinets a fresh coat of varnish to make them shine and give them new life.

With these simple tips you can easily identify areas that you may have overlooked and might even be able to save some money by doing these fixes yourself before contacting a professional.

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