Creating a Stylish and Functional Living Space: A Home for Every Occasion

If there is one single trend that currently dominates home design and refurbishment,  it is the need to maximize space and create a multi-functional set of rooms. Such an ethos has numerous implications within the contemporary home, whether you are looking to create invisible storage space or simply ensure that your rooms are flexible and easily adaptable. This can even make the process of relocation easier than it might otherwise be, as you will either have a minimal amount of furniture or versatile fittings that can be easily disassembled.

The Ultimate in Stylish and Functional Furniture

With this in mind, what current market products represent the very finest in stylish and functional furniture? Consider the following:

  • Sectional Sofas: Driven by a design concept that embodies modern trends, sectional sofas strike the ideal balance between practicality and style in your living room. Essentially a couch that is formed by multiple sections of 2, 3 or 4, it usually features two larger pieces that join at a clean 90 degree angle and is particularly easy to connect and disassemble. Not only does this enable home-owners to adapt their living space and create a fluid design, but it also means that your sofa is easy to transfer and store during the moving process.
  • Compact, Multi-functional Products: Multi-functional items of furniture serve a similar purpose within the home, whether they are mass produced or individually designed. Take designer Christian Lessing’s Collecteur piece, for example, which is compactly designed and serves simultaneously as a stool, table and magazine rack. Ideal for saving space in modern new build properties, it will also mean that you have less furniture to ship when the time eventually comes to move.
  • Combined Seating Units and Side Tables: One of the primary reasons behind the rise of flat pack furniture is its ease of assembly, and this has also made consumers re-evaluate their thoughts concerning connectable and flexible fittings. As a result of this, modern designers are looking to combine separate items of furniture into a single structure, which can be easily broken down and reassembled according to each home-owners need. Swedish designer Mattias Stenberg achieved this goal with his seating units and side table furniture, which also featured an elegant wood finish and stylish aesthetic. 

The Last Word for Home-Owners

While you are unlikely to purchase furniture with your future living arrangements in mind, the procurement of flexible, inter-changeable and multi-purpose items can meet the multiple needs of modern home-owners. This is especially true for young adults who live in small new build properties, as the need to maximize space and eventually move into a larger home should have a key bearing on the furniture that they choose to invest in.

Author Bio: This article was written by Laura, who is a home and design enthusiast based in the U.S.. If you are looking to procure flexible and multi-purpose living room furniture, she recommends that you visit

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