Country Comforts: Interior Designs For a Quaint Room

A lot of people are enchanted by the country style of interior design. It reminds one of the old Andy Griffith scene where everyone sits outside on a warm summer evening listening to guitar. Country style is the quintessential style for comfort, so how do you incorporate the country style into your own home? Here are some tricks to incorporate your favorite styles into your decorating technique.

Country Comforts Interior Designs for a Quaint Room

Country Colors

Country decorating makes frequent use of white, as well as rustic red, cream, and straw colors, slate blue, and sage green. Patterning and florals are very popular in the country style of decorating, so include them liberally for a classic country feel. Think of sunshine and farm houses when you think of how to decorate in a country look. It will give you the right color palette and mood.


Country Furnishings

Country furnishings and accessories are always comfortable, and have a slightly lived-in look to them. This is part of why the country style is so appealing. Wood is very heavily used in country decors, especially white wood. White wicker is another favorite. Usually living room flooring is wood with patterned or weaved rugs underlying the furniture. Living room sofas have rounded soft lines, covered in patterned or floral fabric. Slipcovers are often used to obtain this effect. Include throw pillows on the sofa and easy chairs. Furniture stores in New York City often have chaises that can be personally designed in a more country theme. Furniture can be distressed or even antique, fitting in with the lived-in theme. If you have a fireplace and wood wainscoting on the walls, so much the better. Wood paneling is another way of expressing a country feel in your home. Windows can be covered with lace or other fabric, but they should always be placed on the window so that lots of light shines through.


Country Finishing Effects

Finish off the country d├ęcor with fresh flowers placed in one or two conspicuous areas. Flowers can be placed in a country tea kettle, or creamer to extend the quaint look. Garnish walls with paintings of folk art, or barnyard scenes and animals, to complete the country design. Cute pictures of roosters or cows are a common country theme. Many quaint finishing accessories can be found in flea markets and second hand stores.


A home with a country interior design is a wonderful getaway after a busy day spent in the city, and presents a delightful invitation to your guests to join you for dinner.

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