Clearing Space: Four Places Junk May be Lurking

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Spring Cleaning

For those homeowners who have the urge to clean house, a true spring cleaning means uncovering junk that’s lurking in areas often overlooked. It’s important to attack these areas at least once each year, and remove clutter that is not only taking up space, but may even be posing a health hazard. Homeowners will be surprised at the amount of junk they find in these 4 areas of the home.

1 Basements

Most families are guilty of stashing junk in their basements. From holiday decorations to DIY and craft supplies, basements are the perfect example of the “out of sight out of mind” mentality. Homeowners should make certain that hazardous materials are removed from basements during their annual spring cleaning. Fumes from previously opened paint and solvent containers pose a health risk and are a potential fire hazard.

2 Under Cabinet Storage

Storing cleaning supplies underneath bathroom and kitchen sinks is typical for most homeowners. Much like the basement, these areas will become cluttered with hazardous materials and rags that have been contaminated with cleaning solvents. While some of these supplies will still be useful, unused or expired items should be properly disposed of.

3 Garages and Utility Rooms

These two spaces are generally filled with junk when homeowners decide that it’s time for spring cleaning. While both areas serve as convenient storage in the event of a party or family function, leaving items in either space for extended periods of time may lead to unfortunate results. In spaces that are not typically climate controlled, changes in temperature and humidity will cause mold, moisture buildup, or excessive dry conditions. From clothing to outdated electronics, homeowners are bound to find plenty of junk in these spaces.

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4 Hall Closets

Small utility and hall closets are notorious for breeding junk. Whether it’s magazines, toys, sporting goods, or shoes that have lost their mate, closets are one of the first places that homeowners will decide to stash their surplus items. When there is absolutely no more room on the floor or top shelf of a closet, it’s definitely a sign that spring cleaning is in order.

 Although homeowners will find quite a bit of junk lurking in these 4 areas, chances are that most spring cleaning efforts will also uncover items that have been written off, and placed on the missing in action list.

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