Choosing a Secure Storage Unit

Security-SystemsIf you have accumulated more possessions than you can handle in your home or you have some sensitive belongings that require a place to stay, then rented storage units are usually the best solution. There are some cases however, when regular storage simply doesn’t work for you since you need the possessions to be as secure as possible. Security measures will be different, based on where you live, the costs of the facility and is policies, however there are some things you must keep in mind if you want to choose a good, secure location for all your needs. Follow these tips to focus on these aspects:

•    Working hours
Because of the needs of extended security, most self-storage facilities will have set hours when renters may enter them for access to their belongings. The security systems employed on the storage unit property will prevent entry outside of business hours. If by some unfortunate twist of events your daily schedule doesn’t allow you to approach facilities during their normal hours this means you’ll be stuck. Make sure you are aware of the work hours and days you’ll be allowed access before you choose a company. Some storage units work with more high-tech solutions, allowing one access at all times with the use of personal codes and security cards at increased fees.

•    Security systems and locks
There is no security system in the world that is completely foolproof, however there are many measures which facilities can undertake to increase their overall intrusion countermeasures. Some are simpler, such as completely fencing the facility in within a safe perimeter patrolled by hired security during day and night hours, keeping the area well-lit. Almost all the storage facilities out there have at least a simple keypad security system at their entrance and main gate, providing access through a personal code. In most cases you will be the only key holder for your particular storage unit, thus decreasing the likelihood of any break-ins even by members of the staff. You could ask the manager of the company to keep a key on file for you in case you lose or forget your key. There should also be a sufficient security in the form of closed circuit video surveillance cameras at the main gate and key points in the facility. Backed up with an entry system which logs keypad and security card entries will provide a time-stamped event log in case of break-ins or any other situation.

•    Manager presence
Depending on the type of the chosen facility, you may either have a manager who works there on duty or one who lives there on site. This will allow an additional layer of security in all cases, though that won’t necessarily mean someone is watching the cameras all the time. Most storage facilities require a minimum amount of staff to operate so keep that in mind if your belongings are of a sensitive nature and they require special conditions.

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