Can You Store A High-Quality Poker Table?

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In 2022 poker is viewed by many as an internet-based game. From mobile apps, to PC downloads, to cash-game sites, there are dozens of legitimate ways to play online. Despite the fact that the game has evolved in this fashion however, many still prefer to play in person.

This preference has been highlighted of late, in fact, by the pandemic. In the spring of 2020, a poker column at put things in perspective. The author was someone who had a regular in-person poker game, but was forced to take the activity online due to lockdowns and social distancing. He claimed that his “only pleasure” in playing online was the chat box allowing players to socialize. And his primary takeaway was that poker ought to be social, and should involve mingling with other people.

Undoubtedly, this echoes the realizations many of us have had with regard to any number of activities these past few years. It also speaks to why some people choose to invest in high-end poker tables as home furnishings. While playing in a live casino is a good in-person option for some, not everyone has easy access to these venues –– and with a home table, you can host a game with your chosen crowd any time you like.

For some though, the decision to invest in a legitimate poker table is a tough one, specifically because they can be somewhat cumbersome, both to set up and move. While there are simple, light options (like roll-up mats or folding table toppers), a true poker table will take up significant space, and often weigh quite a bit. According to a poker table buying guide on, the average round table will be about four feet across (or less), and a “racetrack” style table can be as large as three feet wide and six to nine feet long. These tables are typically made of either high-quality wood or metal (meaning they can be heavy) and are topped either with felt or Teflon-coated speed cloth (making them delicate as well).

Setting up such a table in the house is easy enough, if you can make the space. But when it comes time to move and/or store furniture, this is just the kind of piece that people worry about. It’s difficult to move, and there are understandable concerns about whether materials will hold up to prolonged storage. The good news for the poker enthusiasts out there, however, is that these pieces can be maintained during storage.

For general upkeep, we recommend those storing these types of furniture to refer to our feature on “How To Maintain Your Household Goods While In Long Term Storage”. In that article, we recommended checking items regularly (every couple of weeks); airing out the unit to get rid of any moisture build-up (which could affect the wood or felt on your table); applying pesticides to keep rodents and bugs at bay; and making sure items are neatly arranged. If you follow this guidance, you’ll be able to ensure that the environment in the storage unit remains suitable, and that no other stored items are jostling your table.

Beyond this basic maintenance, you may also want to take specific steps to clean and preserve the felt –– which will be the most vulnerable part of a high-quality poker table. Fortunately, this process is simple! A felt-cleaning guide at breaks it down into a few simple steps: gently brushing the surface with a clothes brush, steaming very lightly with a handheld steamer, and washing with cold water (if at all) to avoid shrinkage. Should any stains occur meanwhile, salt or baking soda can help to remove it if left in a small heap over the stain for about an hour (though if you happen to have a Teflon-coated table surface you’re unlikely to see stains at all).

Altogether, these practices make it easy to store even a large, high-quality poker table –– provided you have enough space and you’re able to check up on it regularly.

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