Since Uber started for people’s transportation, but Uber has increased its domain to luggage as well. Now people are demanding for heavy stuff transportation like furniture and all. If you are looking for the answer of whether we can use Uber for moving furniture in Perth or not, you are in safe hands for the answer.

Well, it all depends on uber drivers. They will be more than happy to provide pick your furniture since they are paid for it. But at the same time, they can wish not to pick your heavy stuff because they are not obliged to. But if you request an Uber driver and ask him/her if he/she is ready to pick your furniture. So, we recommend you ask an Uber driver.

You see that almost all Uber drivers have small cars. They don’t have Vans or Trucks. Even if any driver has a big car, he may refuse to pick your furniture due to the risk of harm his car may get. Because obviously he/she will prioritize her big expensive car over your stuff. He/she cannot afford to lose $100 for your $20 let’s say.

“I drive an SUV but I wouldn’t move furniture with it. It could do damage, scratch, rip, or some serious damage to my car” ~ said an Uber driver.

Who would pay for that?

But wait. What exactly are you looking for? If you need courier services or truck, there are the number of alternative options available. For example, UPS, FedEx and Fox Removals move large cargos. Moreover, there are many other companies who provide services for small and complex moving tasks.

U-Hauls and local Home Depots also provide trucks on rent basis. So, you have this option as well.

How to take a good decision?

If you have one or two things that may fit in mini-van or small car, just book an Uber XL and then IMMEDIATELY contact the driver and make a deal. If he doesn’t agree, offer him some good money for his gratuity, you will finally end up with a good deal. Just make sure you contact him immediately after booking. Because if you didn’t do, he/she may refuse to pick your stuff and then you will need to pay a cancellation fee.

It obviously doesn’t seem reasonable to ask the driver to take your extra stuff at the same low rate that Uber usually charges. Just offer him/her some extra money and make a good deal if you want to resolve your issue.

There also odds in moving your furniture with an Uber. Even if the driver agrees to take it, but in case if your furniture is damaged or harmed, Uber has no commercial insurance policy, so Uber owes no repair pay. You will have to bear the damage on your own.

Moreover, the driver is not obliged to assist with your furniture. If your furniture harms his/her car or van, you will have to pay for the repair. Because there is no policy for drivers to take the stuff. So, if he does a favor to take your furniture, you will have to agree to these terms and conditions.