Buying a Window Air Conditioner – Things to Keep in Mind

Though many people prefer warm, bright and sunny days to long and cold winters, summers could be quite harsh and tiring. The summer season in most of the tropical countries is quite hot and the temperature seems to be rising every year due to environmental pollution and depletion of the ozone layer. More and more people are buying air conditioners to get a relief from the tiring hot summers. An air conditioning unit that could quickly cool you down without having to spend huge amounts of money on your monthly energy bills is being preferred by most of the people planning to install one in their home or office.

Installing a window air-conditioning unit could be the best possible solution. Though there are a number of window air conditioners to choose from, you have to keep in mind that all window air conditioners are not the same. You could end up buying an overpowered device or an underpowered device if you don’t choose carefully.

Window Air Conditioner: Features to look for

Consider the following features and select the best window air conditioner.

  • Temperature control
  • Air direction control
  • Speed levels of cooling
  • Automatic timer settings

Advantages of Window Air Conditioners over Centralised Air Conditioning

Usage of energy is much less for Window Air Conditioners

Window AC’s are used to cool one or two rooms in a house whereas Centralised AC’s cool down even those rooms that are left unoccupied. Window AC’s are always visible to people and they do remember to turn it off when not in use. Whereas Central AC units are out of sight and most of the time it’s left on by mistake.

Cost savings

The lesser the energy used the lesser would be your monthly energy bill. Compared to Centralised AC units the energy bills are much lesser for Window AC units.

Window Air Conditioner: How to choose the right one?

Unless you get the right AC unit for your room you’ll end up paying more on your energy bills.

Window Air Conditioner: Underpowered

Though the price of such units is less, in order to cool a bigger room this unit will have to work quite often which in turn would increase the energy bill.

Window Air Conditioner: Overpowered

The cost of overpowered units is higher and most of these units waste energy because it switches on and off quite frequently.

Measure your room correctly

The first step to do before buying a window air conditioner is to measure the length and breadth of the room where you plan to install it.

Calculate the cooling capacity

The cooling capacity for an air conditioner can be easily calculated once you know the measurement of your room. The international measurement for energy, British Thermal Units (BTU), is used for calculating the cooling capacity for an air conditioner.

Window air conditioners come with a number of different features. Look for the ones with the options that would be beneficial for you.

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