Building a Custom Deck

Although most homeowners tend to focus on the inside of their home when doing improvement projects, doing improvements to the outside of the home may also be of benefit. As an example, adding a deck to your home can help to extend your living space substantially. It will also add to the beauty of the home, providing curb appeal and even improving its value. Here are some tips which can help you in designing and building a custom deck for your home. Here’s some great tips that will help you in the process of building a custom deck.

Check Local Regulations – It is probably necessary for you to have a permit when building an outdoor structure, such as a custom deck. There may also be specific regulations which will govern everything from the depth of the footings to how far you are able to space the joists. Getting the permits for the deck can help to reduce delays, as well as other problems, which could occur if you did not have the permits in place. Working without a permit will get you into trouble, so making sure this is done will save you time and money in the long run.

Attaching the Deck to the House – Although some custom decks will be freestanding, most will be attached to the house. This is done by means of a ledger board which is bolted directly to the framing of the house. There should also be flashing installed to keep rainwater, ice and snow from finding its way into the joint between the house and the ledger board (Source:

Consider the Height – In most cases, the height of the deck is going to be regulated by the exit point of the home. High decks, such as those that attach to the second floor are going to be more expensive and more difficult to build. Consider this when budgeting for the deck and when deciding if you are going to be able to undertake the project on your own. If the task is to difficult, consider contacting a local general contractor that has experience in building decks and examples of work they have completed in the past.

Gather the Necessary Materials – As the day for installation approaches, make sure that you have all of the necessary materials and tools at your disposal. Many decks will be able to be built in a single day or in a weekend, provided you do not have unnecessary delays running back and forth to the hardware store to gather forgotten items. Create a checklist before hand and make sure that everything on the list is crossed off before starting the project.

For those that wish to hire a general contractor to build a new deck, it is vital to choose a general contractor that knows how to determine your needs and give you information on how to install a new deck (Source: Have you completed a custom deck project in the past? Feel free to add helpful tips in the comment box below.

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