Build Extra Value: How to Make Your Home Worth More

For most of us, the biggest investment of our lives will be our home. Whether you’re in your first home, or your fifth, everyone enjoys that sense of pride that comes with home ownership. And even if you buy a new home, within a few years you will most likely be interested in doing some type of remodeling or upgrade. Tastes and styles change on a regular basis, and keeping your home upgraded is a great way to continue to enjoy your property, as well as insure the value of your home should you ever need to sell.

Build Extra Value How to Make Your Home Worth More

Kitsch Kitchen

Possibly the most impressive upgrades can be done in the kitchen. A new design, new cabinets, or new counter tops and appliances can take a kitchen from bland to fabulous. Some low cost options for a upgrading your kitchen can include painting older cabinets in an updated color, replacing or adding handles on the cabinets, or even applying a counter top refinishing kit to create fresh looking counters. A nicely upgraded kitchen will last many years and increase the value of any home.


Better Bathroom

Bathrooms are another area where upgrades can pay off if you ever sell your home. Bathrooms should shine, and be in good repair with a current color scheme. Often bathroom upgrades can be fairly simple and well worth the time and money. A fresh coat of paint and an upgraded mirror above the sink or a new light fixture are easy and inexpensive ways to upgrade your baths. It only takes a few minutes to fix leaky pipes and is well worth the investment for new handles and hangers.


Fabulous Floors

If your flooring is looking worn, a good, professional cleaning or properly placed decorative throw rugs are inexpensive ways to improve your home’s appearance. If your have ceramic tile, grout colorants are available to make your grout look new again.


Extra Additions

One occasionally overlooked upgrade is a swimming pool. There is nothing like a shimmering pool in your backyard to create that “wow” factor we all look for in our homes. Nothing beats a swimming pool as a great option for exercise and for spending relaxing time with your family. A minimum of maintenance is required for pool upkeep. After a visit to the swimming pool store to become knowledgeable on the equipment and necessary chemicals required, pool maintenance becomes a painless task.


If you keep these upgrades in mind when considering home remodeling, you will certainly be making good decisions both for your enjoyment, and for maintaining and increasing the value of your home in the future. Making additions and building on what you already have will make your living space that much more amazing.

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