Broken Drain Pipe: Relining to the Rescue

It is important to keep the drain pipes well-maintained and functioning properly because, if they are damaged, you are facing a future filled with problems and repairs. No matter whether there are any signs of damage or not, it is smart to reline the pipes on time and prevent any leaks. However, this is by no means an easy job and you shouldn’t engage in it alone. Rely on professionals to help you treat the following issues with this simple and efficient relining method.


Giving your pipes a new coat is the best way to protect them from any damages. However, you should make sure that there aren’t any leaks before applying the new coat. If there is something wrong with your pipes there will be wet areas on your lawn, or the water pressure in your house will be weak. So, before protecting your pipes, make sure there is something to protect. Otherwise, you will waste your money on relining broken pipes.

Unclog systems

Another potential problem can be the clogged system. So, before applying the new layers on your pipes, make sure to unclog them first. You must not skip this part, because this investment is serious and the easiest way to resolve this is by pouring a drain-cleaning liquid inside the system a few weeks before the planned works.

Underground obstructions

One of the greatest advantages of relining the pipes is that there is no need to replace the entire system. That means that there is no tiresome digging and ruining your landscape or your home. However, since this is complicated work you need to get the area checked first. This is important because of the obstacles that lie underground which can slow you down and cause unnecessary mess and waste of money. Also, you shouldn’t do this on your own, since it is not a DIY project, but even with the professionals involved, this project is still budget-friendly and completely worth the time and money.

Trees with Deep Roots

Trees are a beautiful part of yard landscaping and play a significant role in our ecology, but they can cause a lot of problems to your pipes. Sometimes, the roots of the trees might go deep enough to break the pipe and really cause a disaster in the yard. That is why you should make sure to invest in trees that don’t have such deep roots, or plant them somewhere else. Additionally, you should reinforce your pipes so that the roots do not pose a threat. Relining will make the pipe stronger, but you still shouldn’t solely rely on that because the strength of the nature can be unpredictable.


Basically, pipe relining is greatly beneficial for your drain pipes no matter if they are broken or not. This new coat will stop the leaks and it will keep the roots out of the sewer mains. Also, it increases the flow capacity since the inner lining prevents calcification deposits from forming, which also minimizes the chances of future blockages. Lastly, this method of protecting the pipes involves no mess, since the liners can be easily pulled into their position. It is a super-clean approach that doesn’t ruin the lawns or disrupt the landscaping, provided that you find genuine professionals for the job, as these Sydney-based pipe relining experts.

Frequent and proper maintenance and protection of pipes will make them last longer. Pipe relining is one of the best, mud-free methods to upgrade your system that guarantees ‘healthy’ pipes with less risk of any damages. Consult with the professionals and let them take care of your drain pipes and you won’t have to worry about anything in the future.

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