Beautifying Your Yard: 7 Green Thumb Tips For Your Yard This Summer

It takes effort to keep your yard looking great during the summer. Moreover, clean up from the winter’s debris will determine how healthy your grass stays. Some simple tips and tricks will keep your yard and all of its contents healthy throughout the hottest and often most gorgeous growing season.

Beautifying Your Yard- 7 Green Thumb Tips For Your Yard This Summer

1. Control Aphids

If you do not want to use insecticidal soap in your garden or do not want to over water your garden when washing away aphids, you have another option. All you need is a roll of tape. The wider the tape is, the easier this will be. Turn the tape sticky side out and wrap a hand with it. Then, simply stroke the plants that are infested with aphids. The tape will catch the pests and help you keep them under control.


2. Use Broth to Water Plants

The summer comes with many vegetables and you will often boil them for whatever recipe you are cooking for. Next time you boil vegetables in water, save the water and use it to water your plants. This broth will contain nutrients from the plants you boiled.


3. Mulch Your Trees

Trees may seem self sufficient, but big, healthy trees come with insulation that mulch provides. A 3-10 ft. area around the tree is sufficient. It will keep your tree maintaining a healthy growth pattern and keep away any impurities or diseases.


4. Let it Grow

When you cut your grass too short, it does not allow it to thrive. When you set your mower at a higher setting, you are shading the root system and putting less stress on your lawn. It will also leave more of the green parts of the blades, giving you a longer and fuller looking lawn.


5. Bleach Shears

When pruning a diseased tree or shrub, dip the shears in a bucket of bleach between every cut, especially when pruning errant healthy branches at the same time. This prevents spread of disease.


6. Never Forget Fertilizer

When you clear away debris in the spring and fall, you should also fertilize your grass. In addition, check the PH balance every so often to determine whether your grass needs a lime treatment.


7. Check Your Pipes

Now, you have put all this time, effort, and money into your yard, and it looks amazing. The last thing you want is for your pipes to burst and cause you all sorts of new issues. Make sure you have your pipes checked on a regular basis to be aware of their condition and when maintenance will be necessary. You can always find more info and tips online of when to have your pipes checked and any warning signs there might be to look out for.


It may take time to get a lawn looking great using these tips. Nonetheless, the result is worth the effort. Grass that is so lush you can lie on it comfortably and flowers so healthy they could be in a catalog is the goal, after all.

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