Advice for Packing Your Self Storage Unit

Self storage is a simple, cost effective and safe way of storing your belongings. You deliver your belongings and place them in a unit of a specific size to accommodate your stuff. Usually you must provide your own padlock to secure the door to the unit. Of course you should find a self storage unit near you, visit the facility to inspect the storage units for yourself, and sign a rental agreement. Usually there is no deposit or minimum length of rental necessary. Be sure to check the open hours of the facility to make sure it meets your needs.

Next you simply deliver your belongings by using a rental truck or car. Be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to unload initially. Also not all the rooms will be on the ground floor or outside. So keep this in mind for the most convenient load/unload be sure to get a unit that you can pull up to. Multi-story self storage companies have large lifts, but also be prepared to have to carry items upstairs. They will loan you the use of carts to assist with your unload and load. You can not store any flammable goods, explosives, perishable food or goods or materials of a dangerous or illegal nature.

* Metal equipment and tools can be prevented from rusting if they are to be in storage for a long time by wiping with an oily rag before storing.
* Make sure that all appliances are clean and dry and empty.
* Make sure that freezers/fridges are completely defrosted.
* If you have a large storage unit be sure to leave a walkway either down the side or the middle so you can gain access to all of your items if you needed.
* Try to pack the storage unit high to the ceiling by placing heavier items like drawers and wardrobes on the floor and lighter items on top.
* Fill all the spaces that appear with small items or soft items like bedding.

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