9 Tips on Preparing Items for Self Storage

Getting items ready for storage will ensure that they remain safe and undamaged during their time in the storage facility. These simple nine tips will help you get all of your items ready for self storage.

1. If you have the money available, purchase packing materials that you will need to securely store your items. Items like drop cloths, packing paper, peanuts and high quality cardboard boxes will ensure your items stay safe and secure in the self storage unit. 

2. When you just don’t have the money to spend on packing materials make sure that you items that can function as packing materials. Blankets, clothes, towels, newspapers all are items most of us have around that work great as packing materials.

3. Disassemble all electronics and furniture before putting them in the self storage unit. This not only saves space, but it makes it easier to transfer the items in and out of the self storage unit. 

4. Use space inside of furniture and appliances to store items, because it helps keep your organized and safe space in the storage unit. 

5. Use the tops of furniture and appliances to store items too! If you can’t reach very high it is a good idea to bring a short stepping ladder, so that you can more easily stack items on top of each other.

6. This is a really huge one, because I don’t know how many times I’ve walked into a storage unit with this problem. Fill every single box up to the the tops solidly if you are going to be stacking boxes. If you stack boxes that are not full, they may stay stacked while you are standing there, but it will not be long before the semi-empty box collapses along with everything on top of it.

7.  Everything should be clean and dry when putting it in a unit to avoid mold and musty smells. Note: this is especially true for appliances!

8. Try to pack breakable items together and securely. Label all of these items as fragile too!

9. To prevent metal from rusting, add oil to lubricate the metal. For long-term storage you may want to consider doing this step annually.


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