9 Tips on How to Unpack Fast

By the time we get around to unpacking all our boxes after a move, it can feel like we don’t have much energy left. Between packing, cleaning, moving and all those fun steps that come with a move, many people are drained by the time they arrive in their new home. Some people even end up not unpacking most of their items for a long time, because they just don’t want to deal with the daunting task of unpacking. Here are some tips on how to unpack fast, so that you can officially start your new life in your new home.

1. Plan Before You Move

Once you know where you are moving, plan on how you are going to set up your new house. It is a lot easier to unpack if you know where your items are supposed to go.

2. Spend time Packing 

Don’t just throw everything into random boxes and bag then hope for the best. The best way to unpack fast is to spend a lot of time packing. Make sure that items that will go in the same room go in boxes together. Don’t just stuff things in boxes, but neatly place them in the boxes. This is very easy to do if you start packing early, and by packing early you make moving day a lot less daunting leaving more energy for unpacking.

3. Label Everything!

All boxes and bags should be clearly labeled! It is a good idea to label what is in the box and where it should go in your new home.

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4. Temporarily Use Self Storage 

If there are certain item that you won’t need or can’t fit in your  new home, consider putting these items in self storage beforehand. By putting these items in self storage before the move, it’ll give you less items you need to move come moving day. There is no sense in moving items from you old home to your new home then to self storage. Save yourself the extra step by just moving extra or unneeded items to self storage straight away.

5. Plan on How to Get Everyone to Help 

Everyone who is able to walk, even kids, should have a way to contribute during a move. For some people who are control freaks it can be a huge challenge to delegate. Take time before moving day to think about how you can get everyone to help during and after moving day, so that everyone shares a work load.

6. Hire a Babysitter 

If your kids are just going to get in the way, it can be a good idea to have someone baby sit them. Perhaps after moving day get a babysitter, so that you can spend a few hours unpacking at home.

7. Get some help! 

Most of us don’t like burdening other people with our problems, but sometimes it can be a good thing to seek out help from friends or family. Surely there are specific tasks you can think of that a friend or family member could help you do when it comes to unpacking.

8. Set Reasonable Goals 

Sometimes we just don’t have the energy to unpack everything instantly. It is okay not to to unpack everything in one single day, week or even month. Consider your jobs, family and/or personal lifestyle and how much time you can reasonably spend packing. Set goals every day to unpack as much as you can, but don’t get discourage if you can’t unpack everything at once.

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9. Don’t Try to be Perfect 

It is okay if not everything is perfectly unpacked right away. When unpacking just try to do a very basic job of organizing everything. Later if you decide that you want to shift things around that is perfectly fine. For now just try to maintain your sanity when unpacking, and believe it or not everything will eventually fall into place.

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