8 Things You Can’t Keep in a Storage Unit

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Storage units are a great solution if you are moving or remodeling. Even if you want to keep your house clutter-free and minimalistic, renting a storage unit is still a great choice to make. However, it’s good to remember that storage companies have strict rules about what you can and cannot keep in the unit. It’s important to know which items are on the prohibited list (this can vary from one company to another) so that you can plan accordingly. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of 8 things you can’t keep in a storage unit so you can get familiar with the rules in advance.

List of things you can’t keep in a storage unit

Storage units can seem like heaven when you need to have your things out of the way. However, storing your items can be tricky and even dangerous. That’s why there are specific rules to follow. It would be best to get familiar with these before making the deal. This way, you will be informed about everything and avoid unpleasant surprises when signing the storage rental agreement. While some of these rules differ from company to company, many regulations are pretty general. So, here’s a list of eight items you should never keep in a storage unit.

  1. Food
  2. Jewelry, valuable items, money
  3. Animal and plants
  4. Ammunition, weapons, hazardous materials
  5. Furs
  6. Illegal or stolen items
  7. Wet items
  8. Unregistered vehicles

Food and perishables

Perishable food items attract unwanted pests, mildew, and mold. These typically include meat, fish, milk, eggs, poultry, raw fruits, vegetables, and sometimes even pet food, canned goods, and cereal.

It would be good always to assume that perishables are not allowed. However, there might be exceptions to certain types of food and special containers, depending on the company. That’s why you should get informed ahead of time. 

Money and valuable items

If you own something irreplaceable and priceless, it would be best not to keep it in your storage unit. Although unlikely, unfortunate events can happen, such as robberies, natural disasters, or some hardships that might lead to your items being sold at an auction. 

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If you want to store cash, it would be best to deposit it to a bank. Even though storage units are great, the best option for keeping your money safe is a reputable bank. 

Like everywhere, there are exceptions to the rules, and some storage companies will encourage you to store your valuables. So, if you are considering storing items such as antiques, trophies, awards, family heirlooms, legal documents, medical bills, photo albums, baby clothes, and toys, contact your local storage company and get adequately informed on their rules. 

Animals and plants

This rule is obvious, but it doesn’t hurt to mention. Alive or dead animals are something you can, under no conditions, keep in a storage unit. This rule also applies to plants, flowers, and human ashes.

Keeping any of these in a storage unit is a bad idea on multiple levels. If, however, you get tempted to store plants, keep in mind that they will not only die but attract pests, mold, and mildew, as well.

Weapons, ammunition, and hazardous materials

Firearms and dangerous materials are always no.1 on the list of forbidden items to store. This is for obvious safety issues and because there are many liability issues involved on the part of a storage facility.

Storage units also prohibit storing dangerous substances. If an item is toxic, combustible, or flammable, it cannot be stored in a storage unit. These include fireworks, paint, fertilizers, oil, acid, gasoline, kerosene, acetone, narcotics, compressed gas, etc.


One of the things you can’t store in a storage unit is fur. This is because fur requires special conditions, such as temperature control and light. On the other hand, if you need to store fur, it would be good to look for specialty storage providers.

Stolen or illegal goods

You cannot keep anything stolen in your storage unit. Whether it’s something small or big, such as a casino vault, it doesn’t belong here.

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Also, storage units are monitored and have reliable staff who can alarm the authorities if they notice anything suspicious.

Wet items

Even though these items might not be on your top list, trust us on this. You don’t want to store wet, damp, or heavily scented items in a storage unit. 

If you plan on storing kayaks, scuba gear, or surfboards, make sure they are completely dry when you put them in your storage unit. The number one reason for this is because wet items in dark places attract mold and mildew, which can ruin your possessions. So, if you want to maintain your storage unit, make sure everything is dry and protected.

Unregistered vehicles

Whether you plan to store a boat, RV, trailer, car, truck, or motorcycle, keep in mind the vehicle must be registered. Also, it must be registered in the name of the person who is renting a storage unit.

Pro tip: If you are storing vehicles in your storage unit, don’t forget to drain the oil and fuel beforehand.

In conclusion

As you might already know, renting a storage unit is a great way to make your life easier during a move. But, once you decide to do so, it would be good to get informed on their rules and check out storing tips and tricks to help you along the way. We hope our list of things you can’t keep in a storage unit has helped you get a general idea of storage company rules to start planning.

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