Tech giants like Facebook and Google are not just inspirations for building cutting-edge products, but also for their employee-friendly practices and innovative work spaces. We can take some cues from them to create new-age offices that encourage creativity and keep the employees motivated. No one wants the Monday Blues, especially if it affects employee productivity.

We’ve listed down 7 easy elements that’ll make your office space more welcoming. Go ahead and try out these simple office space hacks to boost employee productivity!

  1. Open Seating Style

The isolated, boxy cubicles are workstations of the past. If you’re still stuck in an office structure that doesn’t encourage interaction, it’s time to make the change now. Open office layouts are the newest thing to hit young tech startups and organizations. Not only do open desks encourage interaction, but also provide more breathable space. The open nature of this layout style does away with old hierarchical style of management bringing about a sense of equality and reinforcing the belief that no one is too new or too young to share path-breaking ideas.

  1. Informal Breakout Areas

Breakout areas are fun office corners filled with quirky furniture and other memorabilia that act as stress busters. Employees these days are self-motivated and don’t require task masters to complete a deliverable. These breakout spaces are much required in today’s times when, after a particularly tough deadline or a stressful meeting employees need some timeout. Having such fun corners show employees that the management acknowledges the extra effort put in by them. And this, in turn, builds loyalty towards the organization. A happy office ambiance means more productivity. If you are thinking about an office refit then this site is a must read.

  1. Agile, Ergonomic Furniture

Heavy duty office chairs and tables, unpleasant bulky storage cupboards that eat up precious space, large piles of documents and stationary are all matters of the past. Today offices are made to cater to the changing needs of businesses and investing in such expensive assets is not an option. There’s a new alternative of trendy agile chairs, tables and storage units can be moved around and modified as per the requirement. Moreover, their ergonomic nature makes them much more comfortable than the older variety. The best part is that these new pieces come in modern colors and designs and uplift the ambience of the place. Keep the office space clutter free and aesthetically pleasing so that employees will feel motivated to come and work at the office.

  1. Quirky Lighting Structures

The clinical look of bright white tube lights that give offices a boring vibe are no more the norm. Many innovative companies have shifted things up, adding innovative light shades and more warm colored lights to create a welcoming mood that doesn’t intimidate. These lighting structures also become statement pieces, giving the place a personality of its own. For more informal teams like advertising agencies, media companies, IT startups, app development agencies this look can reflect the creativity that the team stands for.

  1. Wall Murals and Motivational Quotes

A little bit of inspiration on a daily basis goes a long way in beating unproductive, motivational thoughts. Everyone faces tough days at work, difficult situations, extreme stress and unpleasant situations. Having positive motivational quotes or inspiring wall murals add that small dose of energy to overcome these day-to-day hurdles at office. Simple wording like ‘Work Hard, Stay Humble’ or ‘Make It Happen’ are some wall quotes popular in these new-age offices.

  1. Deep Work Cabins

Nowadays offices are always abuzz, there are discussions happening in the open, team chatter, phone calls, visitors coming in, etc. But this doesn’t mean meaningful work stops. For companies to come up with innovative solutions or new products they need quiet spaces where they can work with focus to find right solutions; and this is where the Deep Work Cabins come in. These meeting rooms or deep thinking spaces are noise-free and equipped with new age tech gadgets, marker pens, whiteboards, scribble pads and other material to meet the demands of the employee.

  1. Natural Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are natural mood boosters and add energy to the workspace. Natural plants are the simplest way of helping employees reduce stress and improve productivity. Overall, these lively plants clear the space of stale air-conditioned air and add a natural pleasant scent. Indoor plants also make offices look more attractive to visiting clients and job applicants.