5 Ways To Maximize Your Storage Space

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No one ever seems to have enough storage space: closets need to be bigger, cabinets need to be deeper, and garages need to be wider. If your home seems to be experiencing a storage space shortage, odds are you just need to use the space better. Look through the tips below to make sure that every inch of storage space in your home is reaching its maximum potential.Organization

Use the Walls

All around you is a plethora of storage space just waiting to be used: your walls. Go through overstuffed closets and cabinets to see what could be hung instead of crammed. Heavy duty hooks can even handle hefty loads, like exercise equipment. Thinking vertically can really lend a hand to open up some closet space for your home.

Use Appropriately Sized Bins

Just like you should use the right tool for the job, you should also use the right storage bin. Empty space in boxes is a waste; instead buy a better sized bin (or just use a cardboard box) so that empty space can be fully utilized. Don’t go bland and lame with this idea though. Try thinking of cool baskets or bins that would add to the décor of the room already. You can even make your own bin for that rustic feel!


Nothing is more frustrating than searching through a sea of boxes, bins, and cupboards while looking for something that’s been long lost. Instead, you can use labels to prevent this headache. It doesn’t matter if you use a label maker or sticky notes, just as long as the labels are accurate and updated. If you want to get really interesting though, you can paint or burn the labels into whatever storage piece you are identifying.

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Customizable Shelves

Customizable shelves just can’t be beat for their ability to maximize storage space. Don’t feel that you must break the bank on a top-of-the-line product; use the cheapest option that fits your needs. This can really organize your closet or add a great piece of furniture to a dull room. Also, you should consider future needs when purchasing so the shelf will serve you for years to come.

Use the Donation Box

Far too often, we let clutter build up until it’s taken over closets, storage units, and garages. At least once a year, you should go through every nook and cranny in your home to cut out the junk. If you forgot you owned the item or haven’t touched it in several months, toss it in the donation box. You’ll be freeing space by getting rid of things you don’t use and helping others in your community at the same time!

After using these tips and tricks to maximize your storage space, remember that organization is a process. Eventually, your storage needs will change. Take small steps to update your closets and cabinets so things don’t get out of hand again. After all, it’s easier to update a label or change a bin once a month rather than start all over after the mess returns.

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